YOP8 – Week 41/52


A tea cosy and more lampshades! 

First my tea cosy. This was made from some fibre that was so felted I thought it would have to be a handle for something, but after some separation by hand and then a few passes through the drum carder. In the end it has made a nice thick and sturdy felted tea cosy for my For Life teapot, that is too small for commercially made cosys..cosies…hmm not sure the plural. I forgot to add the sari silk waste during the felting process, so I just needle-felted some on once it was finished. It was just going to be a prototype, but it’ll do and I’ve sewn a wee hook and eye on it to keep it closed. 

Then onto lampshades.

#4 and 5 – A red pair for the hallway, using the same 20cm round shade kits I’ve been using already. I thought red for the hallway would work well, as the chilli red kitchen is off the hallway and the primary colour goes well with the blue of the tide clock.

  #6 and 7 – A purple pair for our master bedroom, this time with rounded square kits for a change.


There’s 5 lampshades left to make, but my shoulders seem only up to making 4 in one week. 


I’ve made some progress on my Elda cardigan but visually not enough change to warrant another photo.  My socks aren’t quite finished, so I’ll put an FO picture next week.  


I have bought a loom! A weaving loom, just a small one. It is an Ashford Sampleit Rigid Heddle Loom. It hasn’t arrived yet, should arrive Monday. Like I possibly needed anything else on my list of projects! I’ve been thinking about it for a while and was going to give the details to my husband, to buy one for me for my birthday in June, but then I bought it myself with some savings. I’m excited to get started on it. I’ll probably do a separate post about how I get on with it, rather than including that in next week’s YOP update.

With all the lampshades I am finding that I am running out of some colours of merino wool in my stash, never thought I’d be saying that! So I have ordered some undyed merino fibre to dye and re-stock my stash with missing shades. I may, whilst I was on World of Wool’s website, have bought a few other bits and bobs…but that’s a story for another day.



  1. You have really taken off with the wet felting. The lamp shades are so pretty and really add interest to an otherwise ‘normal’ household item. What a cute tea cozy. I have never made a ‘pot’ of tea. Have only done it a cup at a time. Hmmmmm, something to think about next time cold weather hits here. I drink ice tea in the summer months. I have always thought about a loom for weaving, but they seem to take up so much room. My LYS has looms and you can rent them there. Haven’t ever done any weaving but it fascinates me and I have seen some gorgeous fabrics done on them.

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    • Even on a hot day we have hot tea over here, iced tea isn’t really a thing here. My loom is one of the smallest you can buy, so hopefully it will fit in a bag I have in the wardrobe when not in use. Should arrive today hopefully.


  2. Your tea cozy is so cute! And the lampshades, lovely. I’m excited for you that you got a loom. I will look forward to seeing what you create with it. Your crafty activities are so fun to read about and see pictures of. 🙂

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  3. Your felting is awesome. I watched a woman doing felted works once and saw how much work is needed with the shoulders! I won’t be trying it anytime soon. The lampshades are beautiful colours and so is the tea cozy!

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  4. The tea cosy is just so cute, what a lovely make and I love the lampshades, the red because they lead your eye into the red in the kitchen and the rounded square ones are just so lovely and different!
    I’m looking forward to hearing about the loom, I’ve been looking at the Ashford 24″ Rigid Heddle Loom on the Weft Blown website but as of yet haven’t bitten the bullet and bought it yet. Your ventures into looming maybe the thing to give me the final push I need Liz!

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