YOP8 – Week 44/52


I didn’t have as long at the felting group this time because I had to nip into Inverness first, so I took along some fibre for a project that wasn’t on my YOP list, but has been waiting almost 25 years for me to do it!

In June 1995 my mum and I went on a silk painting course at Westhope College.  I think it was for my 23rd birthday present.  Anyhoo, one of the things I made was this painting of autumn leaves.

This has sat in a drawer and moved house with me 6 times and been waiting for me to do something with it!  So, I made a felt backing for it to make a cushion.  I will iron on some interface behind the silk to firm it a little and then, when the felt is dry and ironed I will sew it into a cushion.  This is just the back of the cushion, so its hints of leaf shapes, rather than accurate leaves…I mean who is even going to see the back?


Well I have been back and forth with Elda and my goodness this yarn is coping amazingly well at being ripped out.  The sleeve was too tight so I ripped it out, then I got half way through the braid/slipped stitch edging and it was puckering so I ripped it out to start it again but picking up more stitches.  I have some extra yarn (about half a skein) from Helen at Ripplescrafts, she was so generous to give it to me for free.  The colour isn’t exactly the same tone, but I think if I use it on the braid section then it will be part of the design feature of it and not matter so much.  Then I will split the remaining original colour yarn and do the sleeves as long as possible with that yarn until it runs out.  No photo, as with all the ripping out I have actually less progress than last week!

Spinning and Weaving

Not much change since last week, so no pictures.   

I bought from Helen a small gradient pack to weave a scarf.  Helen had made one with one of the blue packs and that can be seen on her Instagram.  I managed to resist the purple pack and went for grey, Peat and Rocks.  I also bought a skein on sock yarn from her in lovely blue shades.  Check out me, breaking away from my pink and purple obsession!!


I did do some dyeing this week, testing what the unmixed colours look like and then made some random purples mixing the blue and red toned dye mixes.



  1. Wow! You have been so busy! Both pieces of your cushion are lovely! That silk painting is gorgeous, and so is the felt piece for the other side 🙂 And so inventive to make different but related pieces for the two sides! Looking forward to seeing more of your weaving and dyeing work too 🙂

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  2. You have been busy this week. I love the idea you have for your silk painting. What a wonderful way to show off your artistic work. Your new yarn is lovely. Gray is such a versitile color and goes with so much. Nice dye job! The colors look like so much fun. Have a fun week off the grid. Sounds like a splendid time to be had.

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  3. How fun to make a cushion out of your long-ago painted fabric. I’m curious how the white edges appear around each of the leaves. So pretty. The felted piece looks great, too Your dyed fibers look stunning!


    • There’s some stuff you can buy that paints either a clean or coloured line and it prevents the dye seeping across so you can draw. I have a much larger image I did in 2011 that is still waiting for me to sew a proper hanger on it…it hangs on my wardrobe from a trousers coat hanger and has done last 8 years!!! I’ll post a picture of it at some point. Maybe should add putting a proper hanger on it on my YOP list lol


  4. Love the silk painting and it is going to make an amazing cushion Liz, you can tell that already and I love that the backing hints at leaves because with the silk for the front you want the cushion to be all about the front anyway. I’m sorry you’re still having issues with the Elda and I hope they all work themselves out soon and I really like the gradient pack for your weaving, if you already wear lots of pinks and purples it is going to blend wonderfully.

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  5. Those silk leaves you painted are beautiful. Also, I love that yarn. Lucky you to go ‘off grid’ in the Yorkshire Dales isn’t that James Herriot territory? You must come back with tales and pictures! I’ve never been there but I love the countryside in England and all your beautiful walking trails. Enjoy!

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  6. Your cushion is going to be beautiful and the colours of your dyeing are fabulous. I hope you have a great time away and come back refreshed.


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