YOP8 – Week 47/52

A small post this week.  I cut my right hand grabbing the nylon retractable lead as my beautiful but nutty dog went for another dog!  So spinning and needle felting was out.  I still have the burn on my left hand that if it gets wet is a bit gross, so no wet felting could be done.

I did manage to do some weaving but I’ll be posting a photo of that when it’s finished.

Elda is finished and I’ve written a separate post on that, with notes on the pattern and yarn and some photos.

So the only new thing to talk about is Quick Sand.  I totally forgot I was going to change from the M2 size to L size and of course now it’s too late as I’ve knit an arm!  No way I’m frogging this linen yarn.  I’ll block it aggressively on the top of the body when its finished.  I can get it on despite it looking tiny in the photo!  I found some washi tape in my crafting drawer the other day and that worked quite well to protect my fingers from the linen yarn.  On the body I was doing Portuguese knitting on the purl sides and that is much quicker but my tension is much tighter when I do, so I probably should have gone up a needle size.  It’s pretty obvious I went up a needle size on the sleeves.  Ah well!  

I’m doing the 2nd arm at the moment and then will carry on with the body.

I did extra rows on the arm to make it a bit longer.  I’ve bound them off but not cut the yarn yet!  I’m going to see how it blocks and if they grow too long I will rip them back or may add more rows if they don’t grow.  The arm takes almost a whole skein so it was simple to just pin the remaining yarn.

I did a few rows of my Void shawl.  I just cannot see me ever making this to full pattern width.  Unless it’s a project that takes years.  It’s so wide now it takes well over an hour to do 1 row!!!!  If you’ve had a project you’ve lost your mojo with have you turned a shawl into a shawlette or scarf!  I could use the remaining yarn to make some warm soft mittens.  i already have a hat in a similar colour that’s also alpaca.  I kept thinking of this being a nice big shawl to wrap around me when watching TV…now I’m thinking scarf!   Made worse by this being a YOP item this year and me wanting to try not to have anything carried over to next YOP year list.  Given there’s only 5 weeks left…I need to make a decision…park it or bind off early?!?!  

Have you bound off something and then regretted it?  I have so many yummy things in my queue…hmm…we shall see.


  1. Void is a HUGE shawl! But how nice to have a big cuddly shawl to curl up with. If having a left over project is going to make you nuts, than maybe you should see if it is a size you can be happy with forever. You still have 5 more weeks to work on it too. I always have leftover projects but just add them to the next year’s list as WIP’s. Kind of gives me a head start LOL.

    Your sweater is coming along nicely. I hope you can block it to the size needed. Having never worked with linen I have no clue how much give it has in it. Portuguese is the only way to purl IMHO! My Portuguese purling is also a bit tighter than my ‘normal’ purl but it matches my knit tension. Do you use a pin for your Portuguese or wrap it around your neck? The pin has made a big difference in my tension. It has loosened it up quite a bit. I use magnetic pins so I don’t make holes in my tops. (I make them myself and they are super easy to make. Pinterest has the instructions)

    I hope your hands heal quickly. Tell your pup she is lucky she is so darn cute!

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    • I think at the end of the 5 weeks I will put a scrap yarn in and make a decision. Technically Quick Sand is on next year’s list. It’s just easier to pick up and do a few rows than one ginormous row 😂. For Portuguese knitting I have it round my shoulders, as round my neck the linen yarn may have decapitated me! I’m on a course for it later this year so hoping to learn proper then.


  2. I can totally understand wanting to bind off – it sounds huge already! So sorry about your hand – that sounds painful. I have been portuguese knitting too this week and finding around my neck easier than pinned to my shirt – I love purling this way – so much faster. I look forward to seeing you modelling that sweater – I love the colour.

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  3. Ouch! Sounds like some painful wounds on your hands (at least, painful to get). I commented on your lovely Elda when you posted pictures of it, and now your Quick Sand is looking wonderful. 🙂

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  4. I hope your hand heals soon! The Hitofude rows were very long at the bottom, so I know what you mean. If you aren’t enjoying it, maybe put it away for a bit. That’s a good idea to put it on waste yarn to see how big it really is.

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  5. The Elda is beautiful and the color looks great on you! You are very talented. I cannot imagine making adjustments or not having clear instructions..I’d be lost! LOL! I always veer off my YOP list and end up with not too many FO’s and lots to carry over. I’m a great ‘starter’ but not a great ‘finisher’ or I just have too many projects.
    So sorry about your hand….that happened to me when my Rottweiller was ‘in training’ years ago…even at 6 mo nths she was a big girl! Now she’s almost 15 and frail and I would give anything to have her run after a frisbee or get excited about a walk but those days are gone. I hope you heal soon!
    I love the new yarn too and the pattern looks very pretty. I like the suggestion of putting the void away on some waste yarn and just don’t think about for awhile. Have a great week!

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  6. Oh I hope your hand has healed by now. Despite that you are doing great work with Quick sand, such a lovely colour. I agree with Marsha, I always have projects I carry over. I wouldn’t cast off just for the sake of finishing before the start of July. Only cast off if it is the right size for you and you will love it.

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