2019 – 2020 Year of Projects – Starting List

Here’s a snapshot of what I am hoping to achieve in my 2nd Year of Projects.  This list will no doubt change during the year, I mean who would have imagined weaving and wood turning being added to last year’s list during the year.  Makes me wonder what other crafts I may have a go at.

I’ve created my own logo this year with reminders to ‘have purpose’ and ‘live happily’. Working towards achieving my YOP list definitely helps with both of those.  I spend too much time with indecision and admin, so making this comprehensive list is to help keep me focussed.

However, last year my list rather consumed my time; time I may have spent doing gardening, practicing yoga, doing longer dog walks.  Don’t get me wrong, I love what I achieved last year, but so much time sitting has come with weight gain.  So, although I have a long ambitious list here, I am hoping to have a better balance between trying to finish my list and doing more physical activities that will help me lose weight and keep it off.  This may mean shorter weekly posts and less items completed each week, but that’s okay.  This isn’t a competition after all, this is just for fun.

(To hold myself accountable for making sure I have the balance and achieve some house and health tasks, I have created a list of Personal Projects on my Heffalump Ramblings blog.  Nothing creative related so probably not of interest and will only be used really for myself to track my to do list.)


  • Dye commercial sock yarn in:
    • Self Striping
    • Christmas Colourway
    • Speckled
  • Dye fibres in my ‘to dye’ box
  • Dye homespun sock weight yarn for Papillon shawl
  • Dye items from last year’s YOP list I didn’t get to.


  • 2nd nuno felted Jacket!  One that actually fits!
  • 3rd Hat.
  • Picture of Boo and Dice
  • Picture of Ylva
  • Finish making lampshades for all pendant lights and lamps
  • Make sister’s 4 lampshades
  • Autumn wreath
  • Felt the knitted bag I will make with Lanark wool
  • Needle felted Ylva
  • Pictures and products to sell
    • Soaps
    • Landscapes – Ben Wyvis, Glen Affric, Loch Morlich, Rosemarkie
    • Scarves
    • Lampshade(s)
    • Christmas stocking
    • Autumn wreath




  • Butterfly / Papillon shawl using homespun yarns…which also means achieving fingering weight homespun yarn!
  • Cabriolet brioche scarf by Carolyn Bloom with Cookston Crafts yarns in Crathie & Emerald colourways
  • Easy Goes It by Finicky Creations in hand-spun camel & silk ✳️ (Started 13 June ‘19)
  • All About That Brioche by Lucy Hannes in Cookston Crafts yarns TBC


  • Hermione’s Everyday Socks (HES) by Erica Lueder in Regia Design Myth ✳️ (Started 25 June ‘19)
  • Pair of socks with homespun yarn
  • 3 pairs of HES using my own hand dyed yarn



Techniques to learn/master

  • Portuguese knitting (class booked Sept 7th)
  • Learn Double Knitting
  • Learn Intarsia
  • Master Brioche
  • Master Fair Isle/Colourwork
  • Improve continental knitting
  • Learn Matrix knitting (hopefully easier than understanding the movie trilogy!)


  • Sew proper hanger to silk banner
  • Make a costume for Belladrum and Jocktoberfest festivals


  • Spin some sock yarn (BFL & Sea Cell) ✳️ (Started 3 June ‘19)
  • Spin some Christmas themed yarns for smitten mittens
  • Spin some chunky yarn for thrummed mittens
  • Spin some chunky yarn for Nordsee jacket
  • Spin sufficient homespun fingering weight yarn in various colours to make a papillon shawl!
  • Take part in Tour de Fleece, team ‘Corner of Knit & Tea’
  • Take part in BritSpin, team ‘More enthusiasm than skill’


  • Make some dishcloths and wash cloths
  • Make a scarf with homespun yarns
  • Make a set of placemats
  • Make a scarf with homedyed yarn in interesting pattern (tbc)


  • Make more bowls
  • Make a platter
NB:  Although this is my 2nd year of projects, officially it is Year 9 in the Ravelry Group.


  1. Wow……that is quite a list. Love it! How much fun it will be to watch your progress each time you post. The items you wish to learn are of great interest to me. I will see how you do and maybe someday I too will adventure into a few of those.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I started reading your post thinking… “I should make a list for the year, too” and ended up so awed by your list that I’m creeping off to sit in a corner for awhile to think about things. 🙂 Wow! You are so ambitious! My nebulous ideas of spinning a fleece, publishing a pattern for simple mitts and learning to double knit have been definitely shown up. I bow in awe to you, am now inspired and will start working on a real, reasonable list for myself.

    ps: remember to take time to eat and nap. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • 😀. It’s an ambitious list I know but I’ve already thought of new things I’d like to do as well, plus on my heffalumpramblings blog I’ve made a health and home list to do too! Today I did some weeding and chores and only a few rows on a pair of socks. I need to lose weight and can’t sit crafting all the time. You could join our wee group, it’s a bunch of lovely ladies across the US and Europe.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. What a great list, lots of variety and interest and I love the section of new things to learn. I know it might look ambitious but it’s amazing just what can and does get accomplished and I love your approach to have more balance in your year across mental and physical activities, I think that might be my favourite part of your proposed list/s for the year.

    Liked by 1 person

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