YOP9 – Week 2/52



A small amount of progress on my Such a Winter’s Day sweater.  The knit and purl seems to agitate my forearm so I am really keen to switch to Portuguese knitting.  I’m ok on all purls, but have been waiting for my lesson at Perth yarn festival (in Sept) to know the best way to hold for quick switching between knit and purl.  I did decide to switch to size M1 from M2 which resulted in my sleeves being short 2 stitches, so I’ve done a kfb as well as a M1 and hoping that it won’t look odd when I get further.  I have left the safety line in for when I switched pattern size.  Wish me luck!
I also made some progress on my latest Hermione’s Everyday socks.


This week has mostly been about spinning, as part of Tour de Fleece.  Lots of practice to spin rolags long draft, which means a woollen spin of a woollen preparation, this gives such a soft wool.  I have more grey rolags to spin next week too.
I was intending to spin my Shetland/BFL fibre but, as my hands have been pretty dry, I changed my mind to spin my new baby camel and silk fibre.  This I am spinning worsted style which gives a smoother stronger yarn.  I thought about making some rolags with it and trying woollen spinning, but the softness level may blow my mind.  I’ve spun for at least 30 mins a day.
I also spun some purple blended rolags and batts I had created on my blending board.  Again a soft wool for making a smitten mitten with.


I am keen to pick up some linen yarn at Fibre East later this month, so fingers crossed there’ll be a vendor.  Grace at Babbling Yarns has recently woven a lovely long piece with linen and wool that she is maybe going to sew into a jacket, but the drape on it as a scarf/shawl looks wonderful.  She also made a pure linen scarf in an earlier video too.  As I have linen trousers, cropped trousers, dress and now the cardigan I knit I feel the need for a linen wrap!
I have re-started doing yoga and have done 30 mins a day since Monday.  I cannot believe how tight and stiff my hips have been and have been really surprised how little flexibility I have compared to 18 months ago.  I’m sure all the sitting knitting and other craft making must have contributed to it.  So I must try to stretch more during and after crafting and keep up the yoga.  I used to be able to lean forward with my legs straight and lay my hands flat on the floor…on Monday with knees slightly bent I couldn’t touch my toes with my finger tips!!!


This is a Year of Projects update.  If you would like to find out more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry, or you’d like to join in, please follow the link for details.  To read what the other members of the YOP Group have been getting up to please click on the latest weekly folder and follow the links to their blog posts.  This is a friendly group with a wide mix of skills and crafting interests.


  1. I love the wool you are using for your socks, and the pattern really show it off. I think a linen wrap would definitely finish the look!

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  2. Your sweater looks like it will be quite warm. Portuguese is so easy to do when purling and so much easier on the hands and arms. Switching it from purl to knit is really not too hard. A quick You Tube video is what I used to learn how to switch easily. Now I need to learn how to do other things in Portuguese (YO, M1R, M1L, KFB etc). The socks are gorgeous. The HES pattern is such a great one for non solid colored yarn. The pattern shows up and yet it still showcases the colorwork of the yarn. Your spinning is great. I never thought of anything other than wool being spun. Camel is so soft to begin with, I can only imagine now soft it will be when you finish. Have you ever spun Alpaca? Camel and alpaca are two fibers I can wear for warmth. Have fun becoming more flexible again. It is important!

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  3. Good for you for spinning everyday. I hear you about ribbing portuguese style, so I will be interested to hear what you learn when you take the workshop. Weaving seems to be popping up everywhere trying to snag my attention. I am trying to resist learning a new craft but it is very tempting.

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  4. Your Spinning is beautiful. I love those colors and can’t wait to see the finished projects.It’s on my list of things to do, I have a very old wheel but I need to clear out a few other things before I can get back to that.

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  5. Your jumper is looking good LIz and I’m sure all will work out perfect with it. Love how the socks are coming on and all the spinning is just a delight to look at. A linen wrap sounds great and a piece what will finish off your outfit, I’m already looking forward to seeing that as a project.

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  6. I think your sweater looks great and you have nothing to worry about! And your socks! The yarn colors are truly shining through the patterning. You are so busy with so much, it makes my head spin. Take it from an old lady who got the hard talk at the doctor last week, get back to the yoga while you can. Health is so important!
    Have a beautiful week…

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