YOP9 – Week 5/52

This is just a short post, as I’ve been at Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival since Thursday morning.  In fact I’m writing this on Wednesday and will schedule it.  I get back Sunday lunchtime and no doubt will be exhausted.


I dropped off more scarves and a hat at the shop on Tuesday evening and one of them was sold shortly after I left!  That’s 4 sold so far and the shop is only open weekends and every other werkend!  I will make a lot more once I’m back from Belladrum.  In the meantime I made a couple of lampshade covers, but they are still damp, so I’ll show a photo next week of them made into lampshades.


At last year’s festival I took some handspun yarn and started knitting a hitchhiker scarf when I had any chilling out time on my own.  This time I decided not to take any knitting with me, some rain is forecast and I’m already taking so much stuff I have to carry.
On Tuesday evening I finished my latest pair of Hermione’s Everyday socks.  I’m worried I skipped some rows on the toes and they may be a bit snug, but I’ll block them and see.  This is them pre-blocking.  Really happy with how well they match as a pair.


I had a small go at doing some spinning on my Russian spindle, I didn’t do too much as this will be using muscles I’m likely not used to using.  
Tour de Fleece was a disaster, it’s like I fell off my bicycle and couldn’t get back on.  I bought a substantial amount of fibre at Fibre East to do a sweater spin so will work on that next on my wheel.

I did a separate post earlier in the week about Fibre East.  I forgot to add on there that I met some of the ladies in my BritSpin group which was lovely.  It’s mostly a stash acquisition post, so if you are interested in that check it out.

This is a Year of Projects update.  If you would like to find out more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry, or you’d like to join in, please follow the link for details.  To read what the other members of the YOP Group have been getting up to please click on the latest weekly folder and follow the links to their blog posts.  This is a friendly group with a wide mix of skills and crafting interests.


  1. You did a good job on matching the socks. What a great pattern for non-solid colored yarn, right? I have been seeing your IG posts on the festival you went to. Looks pretty crazy and yet super fun. Hopefully you will tell us all about it soon in another post.

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  2. I’m going to have to Google “Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival”, sounds intriguing! Love the Hermione’s Everyday socks. You’re right, the matching is impressive.


  3. Your Hermione socks look so pretty! A perfect pair. Reading Marsha’s comment above, I’m going to see if can find your Instagram photos. I hope to catch a glimpse of your purple hair and sparkly skin. 🙂

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  4. Love how your Hermione socks turned out. It is a great pattern. What an intriguing festival with glitter and purple hair….do tell more! I’ll check IG too. Sorry you “feel off your bike” but I’m sure you’ll get back on and get your spinning done eventually. Congrats on selling your felted projects!

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  5. Your socks are perfect, I’m sure they will block to the right size. It sounds as though you had a great time at the festival.


  6. You must really know how to party! Glitter and purple hair! Your socks look amazing–I love when I can get my socks to match, but am determined not to lose sleep if they don’t. Sending you well wishes regarding your bike fall– hope you can get back on for a little bit anyway. 🙂

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