2020 Yarn Diet

Well this is perhaps controversial, delusional and a down right crazy idea…but I thought I would not buy any yarn in 2020!  What do you think?  I have yarn for all the items on my Year Of Projects list, I have fibre I can spin into additional yarn and I’m not saying I won’t buy any more fibre, as I’ll need to keep buying that in order to make products to sell.  Has anyone else had a yarn diet for a set number of months?  Did it work?

I have 36,159 metres (39,544 yards) in my stash at the moment, although 10,000 metres of that is weaving wool thread.  This doesn’t include what yarn I may buy at Perth Festival of Yarn in September I am definitely going to.  I also will hopefully be receiving an advent calendar of minis as well.

Anyway, it is what is currently going through my head at the moment.  Partly because of storage, partly to encourage me to dye the natural skeins I have, partly to encourage me to improve my spinning consistency/output and partly because I have no income other than the small amount that is coming in from the wee shop selling my felted stuff.


  1. I have gone on yarn diets twice. A couple of years ago I managed to not purchase any yarn for almost 9 months. I am on another diet for this YOP. I have you beat with 38,481,140 yards of fiber and I stopped.counting before I got to my bulky yarn or cotton yarn. If you are serious about reducing your stash, then you can do it.

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    • I’m getting to the point I’m feeling like a hypocrite complaining about Allistar’s collection of spare cables and have enough yarn to do the projects on my lists. I think I’m going to do it.


  2. I don’t know if I would have the stamina to go on a yarn diet. I am always tempted to buy wool. Just as an example I went to the wool shop this morning to buy some needles as although I thought I have every size I could possibly need I didn’t have the size required to knit an item that had been requested for me to knit. Naturally when I went to the wool shop I came out with more than the needles. I was tempted by a lovely ball of sock wool. I am hopeless.

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  3. Do it! I’m on a yarn diet where I can buy 100 g of yarn for every 300 g I use. Last year it was 100 g in for every 500 g out. It was hard at first, but now I like buying less because I know I’m actually going to use it at some point.

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