Such a Winter’s Day…More like a hurricane!

Have you ever had a project where it’s been one thing after another that has gone wrong?

Well my Such a Winter’s Day jumper is starting to make me think it’s cursed!  Here’s my Ravelry notes so far.


I cast on using size 4mm needles and doing size M2, I am concerned this is going to end up too big, but am looking for this to be an easy to slip on jumper and not fitted.


Finished first 5 repeats of section 2 which is the point at which I could switch to knitting size M1 or continue with M2. I’ve had order a longer cable for circular needles so will put a safety line in and try M1 sizing.


Frogged first attempt as it was just way too big. Gauge was too off.


New gauge swatch done with 3.75mm needle that seems to be on gauge now.


Tinked back to where I’d previously split for the under arm. Added 3 additional rows as the row gauge is very slighly out and the arms were too snug. Also added 2 additional stitches per arm when casting on arm.


I’m an idiot! When I’d transferred knitting to waste yarn, ripped back to the underarm and later reattached needle and cable it’s the 4mm needles not 3.75mm needles I put on. Arrrggghhhhh!!!! I’ve knit 10cm before realising. I am not ripping back again. I’ll do waist decreases every 6 instead of 9 rows to compensate. So annoyed at how many mistakes Or things that have gone wrong.


Please tell me I’m not alone and there are other horror stories out there.


  1. While I felt your pain reading this post, I can assure you I’ve had some horror stories. I’ve been known to take the simplest of patterns and complicating them to the point of ridiculousness. But still I plug on…

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