Gnomes of the Gnorth – a link to a free knitting pattern

One of the ladies in our Cromarty Yarn Club shared a link to a blog that has a free crochet pattern to make some cute gnomes.  I don’t really crochet, but thought others that do may like to see it.  Jane who started the yarn club has already made a couple and felted one…looks great so maybe I do need to learn crochet.

Perhaps next year I’ll have a go.

The lady’s blog is called Mrs Micawber and here is a link to the free pattern.  The photograph is from her blog, I asked permission to use the photo but no answer…hopefully she won’t mind.


  1. so sad about the slippers – but at least you can use them while tv watching so that is a good thing. The felted slippers I made kept getting holes because I had knit them too loose before felting. Good experience though. Thank you for the link to the gnomes – I will definitely give them a try. I made a garland for my mitts too, but the garland was so heavy I would have to put nails in the wall to hold them up! So I came up with a different plan as you will see in my blog this week.

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  2. Sorry for this late response – blog comments are supposed to go to my inbox but several of them haven’t made it lately, yours included. You are very welcome to use the photo with a link, and thanks very much for asking! And linking. 🙂

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