Keeping Busy

Today I’m trying to stop obsessively reading and watching news reports. So I’m baking banana bread, doing a bit more Krokbragd weaving, I’ve done some spinning, caught up with some friends (via Messenger and WhatsApp) and watching Midsomer Murders.

So here’s also how I’ll be keeping busy (physically and mentally) over the coming weeks/months.

Audio Podcasts

  • Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert Podcast. (I’ve nearly caught up on all the old episodes, whilst trying to keep up with twice weekly new ones)
  • The Happiness Lab Podcast
  • Desert Island Discs Archive Podcasts
  • Off Menu with James Acaster and Ed Gamble

YouTube Podcasts

  • Amy Florence from Stranded Podcast is doing a daily vlog.
  • The Grocery Girls have said they’ll do weekly videos.
  • Soul Pancake videos
  • Weaving instructional videos
  • Knitting the Stash
  • Metaspencer (husband to Melissa who does Knitting the Stash podcast)


  • I’m Reading 2 books:
  • One from the library I read before bed, called Dear Edward.
  • The other is on my Kindle for when I wake up at 2am or 4am unable to switch off my brain, called The Summer Children by Dot Hutchison, 3rd in a series).
  • I’ve signed up for a free trial on Kindle Unlimited so once I return Dear Edward I’ll be working through some free books online.


  • Season 2 of ‘You’ on Netflix, we watch an episode per evening meal.
  • Outlander episodes each Monday on Amazon Prime
  • Trying to finish watching all the episodes of Midsomer Murders on ITVHub (it’s also on BritBox if you have it)
  • I like crime dramas and films, romcoms and so will be doing some searches.


I’ve still lost my knitting mojo so concentrating on spinning and weaving at the moment. I’d like to finish my camel and silk spinning, try doing some chunky spin with the orange batts I made up a few weeks ago and then start on some decent quantities of the John Arbon Fibre for knitting a jumper with!! Eventually.

I’m going to sew a bag for my weaving supplies. I’m going to try doing an inside pocket(s)!

So that’s to start with. How will you be keeping busy? Feel free to share your answers below or add link to your own blog post.


  1. Don’t miss The Repair Shop — starts on BBC1 tonight, I think. It’s delightful and the skills of the artists are a joy.

    I intend to stitch and weave, and play in my garden once I’ve cleared the administrative decks.

    Keep well yourself.

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  2. During the day and afternoon, I am doing some much needed deep cleaning and decluttering while listening to music. Then after dinner I knit and write in my journal. Also baking banana bread and regular bread.

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  3. I am going to listen to you from now on for all YouTube Podcasts, because we clearly have the same taste in them. I still need to check out the Armchair Expert podcast. I’m planning on baking all of the things, video chatting a lot, and knitting when I can. I’ve also started doing Cosmic Kids yoga with the kids every day to help them stay calm(ish).

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  4. I need to use my time more productively. Honestly, Hubs and I have gotten ourselves into a bit of a spot – not getting to bed until 2am these days and we sleep in so late the day’s half gone before we know it. Neither of us can believe now we’ve seemed to turn teenagers on summer vacation. lol There truly is so much to do, too. I baked yesterday – and enjoyed a walk. But rainy days the rest of the week should be motivation to get some things done! Today, I barely picked up my knitting. sigh. I hope my fellow bloggers inspire me before I completely turn into a blob.

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  5. You have a lot of good, productive ways to stay busy and keep your mind off of things! I am still working, though working from home for right now. For the rest of the time I have my *should* be doing, but nope – just knitting!

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