Void! Inside my head it seems!!!

I am such a numpty!

On 19th December 2018…yep 2018…I cast on Void by Melanie Berg. The yarn is Rowan Lima yarn (84% alpaca 8% nylon and 8% merino).

I’ve posted a few times about it, saying that I was losing the will, would I ever finish it, about how long it took to knit one row…moan moan moan. Indecision about whether or not I should frog it, keep going, finish it early. Then it sat in hibernation for months.

This week I thought I’m definitely frogging it. Then when I got it out of its project bag I thought, nope I’ve done too much to frog it. So I started on the garter stitch band. As I was doing it I thought I’d place markers every 10 stitches to make a note in Ravelry of where I did get up to before quitting…so where did I get to???

The pattern is supposed to have 12 repeats of the 8 row pattern…I have 13 repeats! So instead of 404 stitches, I have 425! I’m such a numpty! For some reason I was thinking the 8 row repeat created a diamond, but it only creates half a diamond. So where I thought I’d done 7 of the 12, I’d done 13!!!! Argh!!

On the plus side, thank goodness I eventually did give up and didn’t carry on further. I’ve got just over one ball left and still need to do the icord edging and technically a few more rows of the garter stitch edge, these rows are such monsters now I’m not sure I’ll do the full amount of garter edge and may just switch to doing the icord edge. I mean this thing is already bigger than planned now.

Let this be a lesson folks, one I’ve certainly learned from. Count your stitches, not just rows!

And before I go, when I just got up to get a drink (6am), I see it snowed last night…in April! That’s unusual here.


  1. I love the color. That is a very substantial wrap! Isn’t it funny that on one hand, you struggled to make progress, then found yourself knitting more than you needed to! I like the idea you had for finishing it.
    One year, we had an April Fool’s storm. It was a doozy, dropping about 12″ of snow. I went out to do my ‘perimeter check’ around the house as my daddy always taught me, and a 60′ pin oak decided to come down about 40′ from where I was standing! The heavy snow coming down and existing snow on the ground made it seem like it was happening in slow motion. The tree fell like a giant falling off the bean stalk!

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