YOP9 – Week 46/52


Whoosh another week has flown by!


I have been fighting the urge to cast on a thicker yarn project and have been just knitting on my Tailfeather cardigan. I’m still on the yoke section (379 stitches) and 1st skein, so its slow progress but I shall keep working on it. I have one more round of the 12 row repeat on the yoke section and then it gets divided into different panels.


Having successfully removed the thin cotton thread warp, I re-warped my 10” Ashford Sampleit Loom with Lily Sugar’n Cream cotton with 2 x 7.5dpi heddles to do double width weaving. It is a little tricky getting a clear shed (path between the layers) on the underside level, but my loom is small and so I can easily lift it and check I haven’t picked up any wrong warps. The set up and steps to this double weaving are different from the last one I did last year, seems there’s more than one way to do it.

Can you see the grey piece of card sticking out on the top right side of the woven fabric, that is how I check I’ve not accidentally woven the top layer to the bottom; I slide the card between the 2 layers to check.

Okay so I drafted this post on Friday and on Saturday aftenoon the shed on the underside was becoming impossible to carry on. So I have cut the 1st tea towel off the loom, sewn the edges, gave it a good rinse where the red was running a fair bit and then a bounce around the tumble dryer. Here it is before its rinse but after sewing the edges. I think double width projects are probably best practiced on short projects first. This mehod will create more loom waste (the trimmed edges), but I can use these in knitting dish cloths anyway.

I will wash it again in the washing machine with my towels and that should close up the holes and even out the edges…apparently!

Of course now I need to work out how to best re-tie on the remaining warp. Suspect I may need my husband to hold it for me. Hmm needs more thought.

Other News

I did a blog post mid-week to show some photos I took with my new phone camera on our daily walk, so if you only tune in on Sundays for the YOP update then do check it out to see a glimpse of the area I live. I had a quiz night with friends on Thursday night and, while my husband had one on Friday night, I watched the Take That Progress Live Blu-Ray which I haven’t watched for about 8+ years! We went to see that concert in Glasgow, I can’t believe how long ago it was! I sung along to all the songs whilst knitting away on Tailfeather.
I have totally fallen off the wagon and have been buying yarn! When New Lanark Mill re-opened with a 20% off sale…well I bought enough yarn to make another Such a Winters Day in a different colour. I noticed in someone’s stash there was a price sticker of £3.50 per 100g, now it is £9.50 at full price so over the last few years the price keeps creeping up and I figured 20% off now will save me money further down the road. Knitters’ logic!
Oh and from elsewhere I bought some different coloured cotton yarns to weave some patterned dishcloths. This is so I have some reasonably cheap weaving yarn to try out all the new techniques I’m learning. I know …excuses excuses lol!
Lock down continues in Scotland but we are allowed to exercise outside more than once a day now. I’m certainly glad to be living in Scotland at this time.
This is a Year of Projects update. If you would like to find out more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry, or you’d like to join in, please follow the link for details. To read what the other members of the YOP Group have been getting up to please click on the latest weekly folder and follow the links to their blog posts. This is a friendly group with a wide mix of skills and crafting interests.


  1. I love your logic for buying the yarn. I will probably borrow that logic to get a sweaters worth of yarn at some point. Your tea towel looks great, as does your sweater. I love reading about your projects.

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  2. Tailfeather is coming along quite nicely. Once you divide it for the panels will it move along faster or will there be even more stitiches?

    Your weaving looks great. So nice to have choices on how to make things.

    As for your knitters logic? It works for me too. If you don’t buy that yarn now, it will only increase in price and then you will be sad and your pocketbook will be thinner. So it all makes perfect sense to me.

    Our lockdown has been lifted but we are being asked to still wear face masks when in public and keep up the physical distancing. I think this will be come our new normal here for some time. Our cases of the virus are rising but then there has been a testing blitz for the past 3 weekends. They have tested thousands of people so of course the case numbers are going up. Yet, our hospitalizations has gone down. That means most of the new cases are mild or asymptomatic. That is good news!

    Have a great week and yes, I loved all the photos from your new phone. The scenery around you is so beautiful and green. Much different than living in the ‘city’ as we do. We need to travel to get to a countryside and then it is quite different from your countryside. Ours is filled with scrub brush, cactus and sandy dirt.

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  3. I don’t understand anything much about weaving, but I really love seeing a close-up of your work, Liz. Things have been opening up here for the last two weeks and will slowly open up further until July 1st – everything being dependent on how the virus does as more things are opened.

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  4. Glad I am not alone in the buying more yarn – we are both off the wagon – lol. Things are slowly opening up here, but I feel safer staying home and on my back deck. At least for the now.

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