Aaarrrgghhhh!!! Tailfeather is in timeout!

On every 12th row of Tailfeather pattern there is a purl row. After 8 rows of knitting ~400 stitches PER ROW I realised that on one of the four panels I had missed doing the purling and it was hideously obvious.

I tried to go down each column with my crochet hook to fix it but after doing 5 of the 101 stitches that needed to be fixed I was losing my mind. Plus the yarn was really looking worse for all my fiddly attempts and the bamboo linen blend is splitty…not annoyingly so for knitting with, but for trying to make knit and purl stitches with a crochet hook in columns eeek!

So in the end I had to thread some cotton on the row below the mistake and rip it out.

“Oh well, you can re-do them tomorrow” says my husband.

He doesn’t feel the pain of me having to rip back more than 3000 stitches! Tailfeather is going in time out tomorrow and I will either do some spinning or weaving whilst I summon up the energy to re-knit those rows. Why am I knitting a garment in 4ply/fingering weight??? No wonder Jodi from the Grocery Girls podcast says she will never ever knit another garment in this weight of yarn again…neither will I folks. Neither will I!!


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