YOP9 – Week 47/52



Tailfeather and I had a falling out earlier in the week, as ranted about in a post, but I have picked it back up since. It is now impossible to photograph as it is so bunched up on the needles. I’m doing one of the front without putting the rest on waste yarn…we aren’t on friendly enough terms to do that yet.  For next week’s post I will do it, so you can see the weird shape it becomes.


Just the tiniest bit of spinning.


The hand towel I finished last week works really well. I kept calling it a tea towel but it’s a hand towel specifically for the kitchen.

With half of the remaining warp, I made a single width towel using a single heddle and a pick up stick to make a bit of texture (photos of the front and back below). I will do another single width one with the remaining warp and then try again with double width with some different weight cotton. I wish I’d bought a wider loom originally. If you are thinking about having a go and getting a loom then definitely go bigger than 10″.

Other News

I seem to go to bed and wake up and another week has flown by. Our lockdown in Scotland will start being eased on Thursday but only baby steps. We watched the entire series of Little Fires Everywhere on Saturday. We clearly really enjoyed it, which surprised me as I’m not particularly keen on Kerry Washington’s style of acting, but the rest of the cast are really strong, especially all the children.  I hadn’t read the book, if you have there are apparently some deviations.  Other than that I did some gardening whilst listening to The Office Ladies Podcast and watched hours of Agatha Christie’s Marple whilst I knit, rip-out and re-knit Tailfeather.
Have a good week folks, no doubt I’ll blink after posting this and another week will have passed, it really is strange how fast the weeks are flying by.
This is a Year of Projects update. If you would like to find out more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry, or you’d like to join in, please follow the link for details. To read what the other members of the YOP Group have been getting up to please click on the latest weekly folder and follow the links to their blog posts. This is a friendly group with a wide mix of skills and crafting interests.
Our new year (My 3rd but the group’s 10th year) starts at the beginning of July, so it is a good time to think about joining.


  1. I know what you mean about time being elastic: days seem to go on forever, but weeks whiz by. Very odd. I like your weaving — I have acquired a tiny 8″ Sampleit loom, which is great for learning techniques, sampling (obviously!), bands and small things, plus easy to carry around. If I become really serious about this sort of weaving, I’ll certainly have to upgrade, but at the moment it’s like having a puppy around — everyone loves it!

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    • It isn’t that I don’t like it, just with no income I wish I’d gone bigger originally, but I guess if I hadn’t enjoyed it I would have spent a lot of money on something unused and it is handy it rest on my lap.


  2. The time is definitely flying by. When New Zealand went into lockdown I had all these high hopes about what I was going to get done but reality turned out to be different. We have now gone through 5 weeks of level 4 and 2 weeks of level 3 lockdown, and we are now into the second week of being at level 2. I have been back at work for a week and there are still lots of things waiting to be done.

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  3. Time definitely has taken on new qualities of late (particularly moving by at pace with nothing really accomplished- well here anyway). Love your hand towel and I’m sure tail feather will behave itself soon!

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  4. So glad to hear Tail Feather is out of time out. Can’t wait to see what it looks like next week. Your kitchen towel turned out quite nice. What will you be weaving next? Another towel for the kitchen? Since I know nothing about weaving, it is fun to read your blog and try and understand all the terminology you use. Good thing I have google to look up words. LOL The weeks do seem to melt into each other. I did not think the stay at home order would bother me too much since I am retired. Well, I never realized how much I left my home and just went out and about whenever I pleased. My days and nights are all messed up. I need to look at a calendar each day to remember the date and day of the week. Since all my meetings and clubs have been put on hold, it amazes me how quickly I have lost the sense of time.

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  5. Thx for the heads up on Little Fires Everywhere. We are almost done Doc Martin so will soon need a new series to watch. I hear you about time flying – although I woke up today thinking it was Monday. That could be the problem. Take care – I love your kitchen towel. The flecks of colour are lovely.

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  6. I’ve describe this time we’re experiencing as being without boundaries and yet there is still not enough time in each day. Mysterious. Pretty hand towels, Liz! Thanks for the TV show recommends. 🙂

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  7. I’ve been watching Grand Tour of the Scottish Islands on Prime while I knit. It’s lovely but I wish he could spend more time on the islands. He does a good job mixing with the locals, especially on the islands with only 10 or 12 residents! Wow. The scenery though…stunning.

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  8. I am happy to hear you have reconciled with the Tailfeather. I don’t know where the days are going. I think I am busier than when I actually work at the school. Probably because the day has no real end to it.

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