Sewing with handwoven cloth

Sometimes you read something you want to re-reference again and worry that you won’t remember where you saw it. I have found such a post this week so I’m re-posting it, so I know where to find it.


I really do not expect to be able to teach anything to anyone on this matter – I am an absolute beginner myself! However precisely for that reason I still have those absolute beginner questions very fresh in my mind, so I thought I’d gather here the tips/answers to my own questions (some I know now were pretty out there!) in case it is of use to someone else.

  1. Overall preparation, 1: wash and press your yardage before you do anything else. Same goes for any lining you will use.
  2. Overall preparation, 2: Make a toile/mock up of your pattern. This could also become your lining. Following Sarah Howard‘s advice, I use cotton lawn and cotton (craft) popelin.
  3. Preparing to cut 1: use iron on woven interfacing for your edges (before cutting in my case). You want it woven as it will “flow” with the fabric more than an…

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