Year of Personal Projects Summary – July 2019 – June 2020

On a separate blog, I kept for a while, I felt I needed a list of Personal Projects to work on during the same time period that the creative Year of Projects runs on my main blog. As I’ve now deserted that other blog, I thought I would do a summary here of what I managed to achieve and what I will carry forward to next YOPP year.

Home & Garden


  • Re-pot houseplants❎ Someone advised me Peace Lilies prefer to be a little root bound in their pots so I won’t be repotting them for a while.
  • New flooring in en-suite➡️
  • Paint en-suite ➡️
  • Paint downstairs loo➡️
  • Sort storage of camping equipment✅


  • Continue decluttering ✅We got rid of a lot of junk from the garage and it is far less cluttered. There are still a few things we could maybe reduce…like plant pots.
  • Organise shelves✅ things are now sorted by category
  • Paint garage door ✅ Finished in Q1. It does need touching up at the bottom where my husband kicked it closed and chipped it!
  • Clear drain in front ✅ Finished in Q1. We need some repair to the tarmac that holds the drain though.
  • Hang more hooks for tools➡️ I’d still like to do this as some tools share the same hooks.


  • Fix waterbutt leak ✅ I tried fixing but it still leaked so bought a new one Q4
  • Paint picnic table ✅ Q4 oiled and the broken seat repaired by my husband.
  • Transplant curly hazel tree from pot to garden ✅ Q4 Since doing this it has sprouted new growth yay! We got 6 hazelnuts off it this year!
  • Trim back conifers. ✅ Q1 and Q4 this is endless it seems. I do plan to turn the back 4 into topiary Minions!
  • Plant remaining clematis ✅ but they all died
  • Hang rope to make path for climbers ✅ Q4 hung and started training the honeysuckle across.
  • Train rose along the fence ✅ I’m not sure which rose I was referring to, but there’s one I have trained through the pattern holes in the decorative fence panels.
  • Paint pale patches on fence➡️
  • Weed front borders and re-define edges ✳️ The weeding is started but they need a good tidying on the edges and where there is overcrowding ➡️
  • Sort out wild strawberries that are taking over ✅ Q4 most have been pulled out. There are still a lot by the greenhouse and compost bins, but I may leave those.

Physical & Mental Health

  • Get up and dressed by 9am at the latest.❎ Who was I trying to kid with this idea! Unless I get another office job I can’t see this happening.
  • Create a daily/weekly schedule to allow time for exercise, yoga, creative projects and household chores ✳️ I tried numerous times and failed but will try again ➡️
  • Regular yoga routine at least 2 hours per week to start. 🧘🏻‍♀️ ✅ Q4 we have both been doing at least 2 hrs per week
  • Regular aerobic exercise ➡️
  • 10,000 steps a day on average for the week➡️
  • Get back to healthy weight / BMI band. ✳️ I’m not sure how many pounds over the healthy BMI I was, but I am currently 2lb over that band, but have lost 6lb in the last few months. ➡️
  • Continue decluttering and organising cupboards etc. ✅ I’m pretty happy that most things have a dedicated space now, so it’s not as cluttered.

So actually there are surprisingly quite a few things ticked/achieved. Surprising as I actually forgot about this list because it was on a blog I’d stopped looking at or posting on. So it will just live on this blog now and I will need to start thinking of a new list. In the meantime the carried forward items should keep me busy.

✳️ Started

✅ Achieved/Completed

❎ Dropped idea

➡️ Carried forward


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