Reyna in handspun baby camel & tussah silk

It is now quite a few days since I finished Reyna but with the cold damp summer we have been having it was taking a while to dry. Today is a beautiful sunny day, its dry, so here’s my finished object post about it.



Reyna by Noora Backlund


Handspun baby camel and silk. Baby camel and tussah silk handdyed tops from Coastal Colours.


Pattern: Free pattern available on Ravelry

Yarn: Fibre cost £37 for 205g but not all of it has been used and I have some fibre and yarn remaining. It weighs 172g so I guess it cost ~£31. As I will use the remainder on another project (although some disappears during spinning).


Started – 30th June 2020

Finished – 1st August 2020

Link to Ravelry project page.

Pattern summary

I really liked this pattern and I notice in Ravelry it has 12,709 projects, so it is clearly a popular pattern. It was easy to follow, I did mess up once and had to rip back but then I learned to notice the central spine and made a note of the left and right sides, and when knitting 2 together which side the yarn over stitch was on. After that I was fine and it pretty much whizzed along. Well just over a month to complete is whizzing for me.

Yarn Summary

I spun the fibre on my Ashford Traditional spinning wheel. I more purposefully spun sections of colour and then chain plied to keep the colours nicely separated so I didn’t get the muddy colours that I had last time. (Last time I spun a similar batt and knit Easy Goes It Shawl). I have gone on and on about what a joy this fibre is to spin and since then have spun another full top of it and have another in the wings.

Photo Gallery


  1. I loved knitting the Reyna! Yours looks amazing, the drape is beautiful and those subtle color changes are so pretty. It looks great on, and I bet it feels amazing too!


  2. I like how there are those pops of pinkish-purple in the vees. Did this happen from another yarn or was it all from one colorway? You are very patient with lace. Simple eyelets drive me batty. Ther eis only one lace shawl I miraculously knitted, some tea shawl by Helen Stewart I think. I had knitted it for my oldest’s fourth grade teacher seven years ago. I don’t know how I was able to do that.

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    • This pattern is quite easy to keep track of the eyelets once you have a few rows and can see they are all pointing in the same direction. The yarn was handspun by me and when I spun it and chain plied it I purposefully tried to keep the same colours together in sections to give stripes, but every now and then a next section of colour would sneak in.

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