Sock it to me Monday

Lots of my blogville friends do a Sock It to me Monday post and I kept forgetting to join in 1and then had many months of no sock knitting.

As I have a pair I cast on at the weekend I thought I’d join in this week.

This is my first time doing a different colour for cuff, heel and toe and I wasn’t sure whether you just use the separate colour on the heel flap or when you turn the heel as well. I switched back after the heel flap.

Does anyone have any tips for sorting the ends where the colour changes happen to ensure you don’t get lumps?

I knit the cuff, heel and gusset on my sock wonder needle and have placed it on the long circulars whilst I start on the 2nd. I hate counting rows so prefer to do the length of the foot of a vanilla sock two at a time.

I love the colours in this yarn from Ripples Crafts. It was called It’s Bluebell Time of Year. It was a limited run and Helen lost the recipe for dyeing them. So clever to create all these colours and have no brown or muddiness happen.


  1. they look beautiful, I think the choice of contrasting colour is inspired! I have never knitted a sock, so take this with a pinch of salt, but if it were me I’d pull the ends to the outside and would try and weave them from there. The yarn is amazing!

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      • Good thing. And not that I want you to break your pledge not to buy yarn in 2020, but Australian merino, at least, might be in short supply for a year… the NZ shearers can’t get in the country (or are unwilling) to sheer the sheep. Price will certainly rise…

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  2. It looks so good! I love contrasting colors. I usually turn the heel in the contrast color also, and that way I can just pick up the main color without having to cut it and then weave it extra ends. I don’t knot the yarns when I change colors, just weave in the ends, so I haven’t noticed any lumps, but it’s also possible they’re just small enough I don’t feel them on my feet!

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