YOP10 Week 22/52 – Baubles and wreath


I have some fibre soaking to dye later today, this will be used in lampshades and baubles mostly.


I dropped off some baubles and a wreath on Friday, all the previous baubles had sold out so I will make some more next week.


I have made a start on my 2nd Christmas sock, other than that I have just been making some dish cloths.

Other News

I hope all my American friends had a lovely Thanksgiving on Thursday.

I have been wondering about my YOP list…I keep straying from it and have plans to make a 2nd Turtle Dove next, plus finish my Christmas sock and start on an advent project. I have changed my mind a zillion times about what I will make with last year’s advent yarn minis, but this week I did wind on all the minis so we shall see what I settle on. It may not even happen…it would be nice to have a red Turtle Dove ready for Christmas…so could be I keep the advent minis for a project in January to beat the January blues.

As you can probably see I am very indecisive at the moment. I did a lot of cleaning on Saturday and was a bit exhausted on Saturday night so not much knitting done overall this week. Perhaps I’m just having a bit of a knitting mojo break.

Ylva (our dog) had 2 lumps on her gums and 2 teeth removed on Monday, poor thing was in a lot of pain Monday but seems to have recovered over the week. They shaved her front 2 legs and neck…she maybe needs me to knit her some leg warmers for her bald bits lol.

I nearly forgot (and I apologise for the terrible photo), last Christmas my sister bought me 2 packs of felted baubles as an extra present…actually may have been the year before last, anyway I finally strung them on some waxed thread to make a green necklace and a pink necklace. The colours are totally wrong on this photo but thought I’d squeeze it in.

This is a Year of Projects post. Officially the Group is in its 10th year, but this is my 3rd year participating. If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


  1. Oooh knitted doggy leggings for Ylva sounds lovely – I would definitely do that. All the felting is lovely and a new year mini project sounds like just the ticket for a new beginning.

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  2. I love the necklaces – they’re so fun! I think it’s totally ok to stray from your plan – knitting and crafting in general should be fun and you should make what you want to make, not what you think you should make. Though, I’m not one to talk, since I’m over here planning to start a lace shawl I don’t really want to knit that my friend didn’t even ask for haha.

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  3. Funny, was just talking yesterday with local knitting friends about whether we found annual plans helpful or not. Some felt bad if they didn’t stick to it. I on the other hand view my plan as simply “here’s what I was thinking at the beginning”. I have no issues with changing patterns, timing, or items. I find it fun to review to see how my ideas changed over the year. For me it simply helps with setting expectations such as I’ve never knit a sweater in less than 3 months so why do I have plans to knit 6 in a year??

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  4. It seems, most of us YOPers had a slack week this past week. I think it is all of us trying to get ready for the next big holiday (Christmas or Hanukah). That gives us something different to focus on other than this virus that is causing so much turmoil throughout the world. Your baubles are so cute and I can see why they are selling out as fast as you make them. What a cute idea to do with the baubles your sister gave to you. Yes, very clever indeed.

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  5. The wreath is really awesome! I love it and the baubles! Next year, I’m going to get out some roving and wet or needle felt some holiday baubles for our tree! You have genuinely inspired me to think outside the box in regards to my stash!

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  6. Poor Ylva. Nearly winter, not feeling her best and shaved on top of it all Your baubles are wonderful! I can see why they’ve sold out. And I don’t think that wreath will last long, either. I imagine you to be a celebrity among the customers that frequent the shop where your items are sold. Love the pretty necklaces made of felted balls. Fun!

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  7. I’m curious as to why they shaved Ylva’s neck and legs if she was having mouth surgery? Poor thing….I hate going to the dentist so I cam comiserate with her! I love your wreath and baubles. The felted wool beads are really pretty! Now that is jewelry I could love! Thank you for your well wishes. I had a very nice Thanksgiving all by myself. Take care!

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  8. I like your idea of saving your minis for the January blues. Every little bit helps as we strive to get back to spring and sun and more daylight! Hope your poor doggy is on the mend – I love the doggie leg warmers idea.

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    • I am knitting with last year’s advent during this advent, as I found a pattern and KAL to join in with, but may use this year’s calendar to make something in January…if I can pick a pattern.


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