YOP10 Week 23/52 – Advent knitting


Having chosen a pattern to use last year’s Advent minis, I needed a contrasting yarn. I could have just used an undyed skein but opted for dyeing a skein of BFL in grey. I used Kolorkraft landscape acid dyes in Currawong colour.

I also dyed some more Corriedale fibre and over dyed some of the pale green I dyed a few weeks ago.


I made some Nordic Tomte for a change from making fairies. I don’t know if they will sell as well as the fairies do, but I enjoyed making them. They are for sale in the gallery and I have priced them less than the fairies. I also made one bauble. My November sales in the shop were mostly fairies and baubles (plus 4 lampshades) so I hope they are bringing some cheer to their new homes and if bought as gifts their recipients love them.


As mentioned I picked an advent pattern. I chose ADVENTuresome Wrap by Ambah O’Brien. She is running an advent KAL with 11 pattern choices available, so I am joining in with that too.

I’m using last year’s advent from Cookston Crafts, which was toy themed. I wish I’d labelled them when I wound them into balls, they’d been neatly labelled as skeins and it all went to pot when I wound them on. I have tried to match them to a photo and list I took on a previous post but in reality I don’t suppose it really matters.

Moomins, Sylvanian family?, Barbie, Care bears, Tiny tears?

On day 1 I accidentally knit too much and started a 2nd mini colour, but on day 2 I noticed a mistake on the first row of the 2nd colour so I tinked that back and fixed it and officially knit section 2 on the right day. I will see how I get on at keeping up with the days. It has new stitches for me to learn SSP and “pu1 kpkpkp”!! I’m sure I will get a bit quicker as the project continues. It’s my first wavy project.

With the leftover yarn from section 1 and 2 I made a tiny jumper ornament for the tree. Think I will keep doing that with more leftovers as they look cute on the tree.

I also worked on my 2nd Christmas sock. I’ve finished the gusset increases so this should be finished soon.

My advent this year is also from Cookston Crafts (like last year’s) but this time is DK yarn and I ordered the one with a contrasting full skein. This year’s theme is Colours of Scotland. So far I’ve opened Forth Rail Bridge, Highland Coo, Ginger, Smoked Salmon and Dram. Not my usual colours but I am loving the tones together and think they’ll go nicely in a fair isle pattern.


When I was starting to draft my end of year review post I realised I bought my weaving class subscription at the start of May so thought I best start watching more of the tutorials and making notes. So I have been learning how to do 3 and 4 shaft patterns on a rigid heddle loom, which I am keen to give a go in the new year.

Other News

I have started drafting my end of year summary post, which includes not just my crafting but some other highlights or things I’d like to remember when they happened. Oh boy, my terrible memory is partially helped with a notebook I sometimes remember to write in, but this year I haven’t been as good at recording things.

I am so keen every month and every new year resolution to create and stick to a routine that gives me time for household chores, exercise, felting things to sell, weaving, spinning, knitting, gardening and paperwork for committees I am on. I just don’t understand where my time goes and why it is soooo hard finding a routine that works. The one routine I have is to listen to Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast when it comes out on Mondays, Thursdays and when they release a Friday bonus episode.

If you have any tricks, tips or app recommendations for helping your routines then I would love to hear about it. If I can establish one before the new year that will give me a head start.

This is a Year of Projects post. Officially the Group is in its 10th year, but this is my 3rd year participating. If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


  1. I love your projects! The yarn advent calendars look amazing, the Colors of Scotland are beautiful so far, that will be one lovely Fair isle! I am all about having a routine too. We have a pretty strict bedtime here, and I generally get up at the same time too. I am in the process of changing the order of my mornings, so the past couple of weeks have been a disaster! Like you, I want it sorted before the holidays get here. I think I have found is that doing the base cleaning on Monday morning sets me up for the entire week. It makes my craft time more guiltless.

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  2. LOVE your post!! I love Ambah O-Brien. My local friends are also planning to use the minis from the advent calendar I gave them to make the ADVENTuresome Wrap. We also like her Adventurer Cowl!! I so love your Cookston Crafts Advent Calendar. That’s more like what I’m looking for. I’m not that excited about bags of minis. Making yarn ornaments is a great idea. With a cat I’ve had to use unbreakable ornaments this year on our tree. Or they would be pretty as a garland in my knitting nook. Thanks too for the Dax Shepard podcast reco. I keep meaning to listen so appreciate the reminder. Wishing you all the best.

    Please don’t be so hard on yourself. You are juggling so many balls!! I didn’t do hardly any of my 2020 Goals despite having then on display in my knitting nook. And you know what; the sun still rose, the bills got paid, etc.

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  3. Your wavy project is pretty. The colors are so cheerful. The gray you you dyed to add to it is the perfect accent color. The wee sweater is sweet. I found those so fun to make too. Your Tomte are cute. I have one somewhere but mine is from Sweden and a bit different from yours. You have been so very busy this week. I so enjoy seeing all you have been up to.

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  4. Wow! So many amazing projects! Love the gray yarn you dyed, and it looks wonderful with your advent mini-skeins in the shawl 🙂 The tomte are so cute! Love the little jumper made with the mini leftovers – what a great little ornament for a knitter’s tree 🙂

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  5. Your advent wrap looks awesome! I love the color you dyed to go with it. The gnomes and ornament look awesome too.
    I am also bad at routine, but I have used Habitaca over the past year with some success. It’s basically a to do list that motivates you by having it be like a game – you can join guilds and fight monsters and stuff!

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  6. I love your tomtes . I am not great at organizing – I listen to Dax’s podcast when I walk. I seem to get most of the things done eventually – my main ‘goal’ everyday is to do the dishes and make the bed and exercise. If I get those three things done the rest just seems to fall into place. You seem to get everything (and more) done so perhaps you don’t need to be so hard on yourself but just go with the flow. Of course you have a shop to keep filling with wonderful felted things so I suppose you can’t be as casual as I am. I am always in awe of all you do in a week. And your advent doors with the yummy wool looks delicious. Better than chocolate even.

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  7. Routines are hardest for me because if I skip once then my streak is broken and I am finit! I find the advent and mini things soooo stressful because I am always scared of running out of yarn–as if– so am as always entranced by your wee projects.

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    • I signed up to Kelly Casanova’s online weaving school but she has a lot of free episodes on YouTube too you can check out to see if you like her style. She has a range of buying options for one off classes or subscriptions. Also you could look at Liz Gipson’s Yarnweaver school, I don’t know her subscription situation but she also has some free ones.


  8. I think you get a terrific amount done each week…at least in the “making” category! Your little gnomes are so cute. I prefer gnomes to fairies but that’s just me. Your shawl is gorgeous! The colors are exquisite and the yarn you dyed is awesome. The little sweater is so cute and love the Christmas socks!

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  9. Aw man, now I’m even sadder that I missed out on a yarn advent calendar. Yarn and Scotland are two of my favourite things!! Maybe I’ll ask for one for my birthday next year – April should be early enough, right?
    Please, please keep knitting the teeny tiny jumper decorations, baby makes are cute enough but miniature makes are so adorable I can barely stand it. I’m definitely making some if we ever get a tree.

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  10. Your dyed yarn and fiber are just gorgeous, Liz. And your Tomte are so cute! I’m sure they’ll sell out and will make many people smile. Your Advent project is pretty and that tiny knitted sweater is adorable. What a great use for leftover yarns. No advice from me for developing routines. Without an outside influence (like a job) I don’t seem to have the stick-to-it-iveness to develop routines for routines’ sake. That said, I do love the routines I fall into when working. So, I will be interested to read if you make headway in this area and share it here. 🙂

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