Cookston Crafts 2019 Advent Calendar

As I am already a fan of the beautiful yarn that Claire at Cookston Crafts dyes, I said to my husband ‘if you do happen to be planning on buying me a yarn advent calendar, can I please have the 4ply version from her’.  

I know a lot of yarn advents come in individually wrapped bundles, but Claire uses a more traditional advent calendar style box, where each day you open the perforated windows to reveal your yarn.  I love this touch, as you can leave the yarns in each window and as the month progresses you start to see what the gradient/fade is going to look like.  

This year’s Advent had a Children’s Toy theme.  A brilliant idea that not only describes the yarn colours but also evokes memories of being a child.  One of the colours is called Tiny Tears.  I played with my Tiny Tears doll a lot as a child, she had a crib, a bath, some handknit and crocheted clothes my mum made for her.  I played with her well beyond the age I think most kids play with dolls.  When I was 16 I donated her to a school for children with speech and learning difficulties, that I helped out at on the days I had no college classes.  Another is called Mr Frosty, which I had…he made grated ice and there was a penguin shaped sauce bottle.  Anyway, you can see how these colour names sent me down memory lane.  So a brilliant theme.

Claire offers 24 x 10g in either a 4 ply/fingering weight or DK weight advent.  I already have 4 different coloured 100g skeins of her merino/nylon 4 ply so thought that size would give me the largest choice of options to use the minis.  She also offers yarn only, or extras option.  The list of extras is below the picture.

It has been a joy to open every day and I look forward to making some colourful items with them.

Colours (left to right): Teletubbies, Ninja Turtles, Tracy Island, Monchichi Monkey, Ghostbusters slimer, Teddy Ruxpin, Sylvanian Family, Tiny Tears, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Barbie, Furbies, Power Rangers, Buzz Lightyear, Care Bears, Moomins, Gameboy, Frozen Elsa, Magna Doodle, My Little Pony, Mr Frosty, Rubix Cube, Scalextrics, Batmobile and Star Wars.

Extras: yarn cake cosy and washi tape with llamas on, handmade buttons, stitch marker, notions pouch, folding scissors, my little pony key ring, Moomin badge, scented wax melts and scented candle.



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