Cookston Crafts 2020 Advent Calendar (part 1)

This covers the first 12 days of the calendar.

This is my 2nd year having an advent calendar from Cookston Crafts. Last year the theme was toys, this year it was “Colours of Scotland”.

Last year I chose the 4 ply/fingering weight option with extras, this year I chose the DK version with a contrasting full skein. I ordered it for myself with our credit card that my husband pays for and by the 1st December I had already forgotten which colour contrasting skein I had opted for! Sometimes having a bad memory is good.

Colours are:

  1. Forth Bridge (a rail bridge near Edinburgh).  I used to be the HR manager for an aquarium based very near this bridge!)
  2. Highland Coo  (a Highland cow…you know the cute fluffy ones with big horns)
  3. Ginger (as in hair colour rather than the spicy root)
  4. Smoked Salmon
  5. Dram (a glass of whisky)
  6. Gorse (yellow flowered bush that grows on roadsides and walking trails everywhere)
  7. Cairngorm (mountain national park with ski resort, forests, lochs),
  8. Nessy (as in the Loch Ness Monster, we live about 26 miles/40 mins from Loch Ness)
  9. Eilean Donan (that’s the castle at the start of the Highlander movie…a movie I have watched more than any other, no wonder the Highlands felt like home when I first came here)
  10. Neep (the Scot’s name for Turnip. Neeps and tatties is mashed potato and turnip and is a what you’d have with your haggis)
  11. West Coast (the beautiful sea colours of the west coast)
  12. Kelpie (the shape shifting water spirits that inhabit Scotland’s lochs and pools, usually horse like which is why there are statues of 2 huge horse head sculptures called the Kelpies)

It’s so dark during the days now it is hard to get daylight photos of them.

I absolutely love the theme and colours so far. I am thinking of doing a colour work project with them and the colours so far are a rainbow, so I suspect the 2nd half is going to be blues and purples.


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