Decluttering update week 5 and 6

Week 5 is the study and week 6 is the craft room, but as this is a shared space I’ve combined these weeks.

The decluttering has continued and some cables and gadgets went into the decluttering pile and some other bits have moved to the garage as a compromise. With a laptop being refurbished for someone in need and a few £ received for an old phone and iPad I felt less bad about all the small electronic items going into the electrical recycling.

Last week I went through our filing cabinets, desk drawers and under desk shelving and organised and labelled a lot, but we do still have a white box of random stuff ‘just in case’ 🙄.

I was going to have Monday off and knit, but as I sat and looked at our display/book case I was spurred into making some progress there too. I have thinned out gardening books, as I tend to search issues on the internet. I kept the ones I know I have opened in the last 2 years. I also thinned out our travel books and kept the ones of places we will go back to or haven’t yet been to.

I got all my photo albums in one place and labelled and my mother-in-laws photo albums are now together in another location. I found a picture of my husband when he was very young with curly blonder hair and sent a photo of it to his best mate before they were all having a drinking/poker video call last weekend. I’m such a kind wife 😂 🤣

My husband said he’d heard about a Netflix show called Minimalist and we have watched it. I don’t want to live in a minimalist stark home, but on a scale between 1 = minimalism and 10 = hoarder, I think I’m leaning to a 3 or 4.

All this decluttering is making me think about my knitting projects. I have enough hats currently and when Litmus is finished I have enough scarves and cowls. I do want to knit a pair of gloves and some thrummed mittens still but I don’t want to create accessories clutter. So I am going to cast on a black cardigan when I am finished with my cowl, and knit what is useful and not clutter.


  1. I started to watch the minimalist show but got called away and never went back to it. Might be the perfect thing to watch during my 14 day quarantine. Only 10 days left on it do better watch it soon. Looks like you were able to remove quite a bit from your home. You have really fone a great job.

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  2. YAY for the cardigan!
    I am amazed at the pace you are going through your stuff, and good on you!
    But sending that picture, well that WAS a low blow 😜 though your husband sounds like the type who would have laughed with his mates🤪

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  3. You are doing a great job! I am struggling with the decluttering again as it is cutting into my knitting time. 🙂 I need to dedicate a block of time to it each week if I am going to make more progress… I got back my 23andMe results this week and there was a notation that I carry a gene variant that makes it hard for me to discard unused items… I burst out laughing. It’s not my fault!!

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  4. Hmmm… Not knit clutter. That’s thought provoking as I knit yet another dishcloth… You’ve given me something to think about, Liz. When does knitting slip from a comfortable/comforting pastime into being a clutter maker? Not looking for the answer (exactly), but it’s a good question, I think.

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  5. Loved all you decluttering. But Black? I tried to knit a black Aran fisherman’s sweater. I got 3/4 through the back and had to have my eyes tested for glasses. Black just ruins the eyes. Good luck and I suggest knitting it outdoors so you have tons of light. Lol.

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    • I do have a daylight bulb on a moveable light that I knit under but I was joking on our knit call yesterday that people may see a lot more weaving and not much knitting if I struggle with the black. I may end up leaving it to knit in summer but its alpaca so will be nice and warm on my knee. I’ll see how to gauge swatch goes.

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