What I’ve been listening to and watching

I have fallen out of the habit of posting on my blog during the week, as I do my Sunday YOP update. But there are so many interesting things I’ve been listening to and watching I thought I should create a separate post for them. 🙂

First up is an audio book called “The Procrastination Cure”, which came as a “2 books in 1” audio file. I’ve already listened to the 2nd book twice!  It talks about stress and I honestly think this book is life changing!  Both books have really made me understand how my brain works and how my thoughts and habits contributed to me having a breakdown a few years ago.  They talk about things and it’s like the authors were a fly on the wall of my life!  I suspect I will listen to it a few times more because there are some really valuable lessons in there for me and I have already started to put a few in place. The narrator is a bit robotic in tone so that’s unfortunate.

Have you ever had this experience with a book?  Like the author wrote it with you in mind?

Audible have some free Sleep Meditations that I have been doing at bedtime each night. They also have some free bedtime stories which have no beginning, middle or end so it doesn’t matter if you fall asleep, I haven’t tried those but the meditations are working well.

A couple of Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast were very interesting this week. One with Bill Gates talking about his book about “How to avoid a climate disaster” and another they had Ethan Kross talking about the inner chatter we have going on in our heads. I definitely have a very loud inner voice so I found that interesting.

A friend recommended a 30 day yoga routine on YouTube which I have been doing each morning. It is keeping me engaged because each day is different and it isn’t too long.

Finally, a lady from the Guild mentioned a programme about Vikings presented by Scottish archeologists Neil Oliver, “Vikings“. Its not a new series but was being re-shown on BBC Four. I find Vikings so interesting and this is a much less violent way of knowing more about them than watching the TV drama by the same name.


  1. Absolutely! There is a book I found on Audible that was soooo relatable to me. Like you said, a life changer. I am going to look into The Procrastination Cure. I think we all fall guilty of this to some degree or another. Yoga with Adrienne is wonderful. I love when Benji makes an appearance. Thanks for the recommendations and a nice ‘non-knitting-related’ post.


  2. My go to book that I recommend is The Sedona Method. It teaches you to be in the present moment and to let go of negative emotions and to think proactively. It will also teach you why people (you) may react to certain situations. I have tapes, but haven’t listened to all of them as I found the book more than sufficient. I came across this over 20 years ago now and feel no need to try anything else. The most important thing is wanting to change and to do that we need to do the opposite of what we have always been doing and get out of our comfort zone. Good luck.


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