YOP10 Week 38/52 – Tapestry weaving first attempt

If you only tune in on Sunday’s for my YOP post, yesterday was my 10th anniversary of having this blog! I did a small post about it yesterday and another earlier in the week about what I’m watching and listening to.


My garment projects always stall when I come to splitting for the arms. I have no faith that any pattern will fit my arms and when I put the arm stitches on waste cotton I lose even more confidence. So as is normal I have gone off pattern and added 2 extra stitches under each arm. I’m not even sure that’s enough and with this chain yarn I really don’t want to have to frog a section.

I’m on the foot of my socks now so they are mindless knitting now which is great for zoom calls.


I managed to spin quite a bit of BFL and seacell. It’s going to be 3 ply and hopefully will be ok to have a go at knitting some handspun yarn socks. They may end up being sofa/bed socks rather than out and about socks, as there’s no nylon and they’ll be handwash only.


On the day I was going to warp my 32″ loom I put a Kelly Casanova weaving school video and randomly chose one on Tapestry weaving. Before I knew it I had warped a 3.5″ tiny frame and was giving it a go! The light isn’t great on the photo and the warp ends are a bit messy but it was just a first attempt.

Other News

Other things I’ve been up to this week are some pruning in the garden, washing plant pots ready for seed planting and trying to limit my time on social media.

Next Sunday is the end of the 3rd Quarter of our official YOP year!!!

This is a Year of Projects post. Officially the Group is in its 10th year, but this is my 3rd year participating. If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


  1. Pretty socks. I knit a pair in a colorway identical to yours. I am itching to get in the yard. The weather here is improving so it shouldn’t be long now.


  2. Cute tapestry weaving. The colors remind me of your needle felted lampshades. Looks like you will have a new pair of socks soon. Love the HES pattern. Your BFL/seacell is so pretty. Looks like it would make lovely warm socks.


  3. Everything you are working on looks great. I taught a small group of students how to weave a tapestry on a 8 x 10 frame. I found that I really enjoyed this craft. Your tiny landscape weave has nice lines and beautiful colors.


  4. Agree. The tapestry weaving reminded me of your felted lampshades (which I still think of as one of the neatest things I’ve ever seen). Thanks for the link to your post about how your blogging has changed over the years. I also enjoyed your link to what you are watching and listening to. I’m always looking for ideas. I do love the yarn you are using for your socks. Totally agree about arms on sweaters. Funny, I was just thinking before I read your post that I should probably go back to the sweater I knit last year and rip out the sleeves and reknit them. They are way too loose. I suspect I’m going to need to rip back the body as well as I believe this sweater is going to grow better than any plant I’ve tried to grow. πŸ™‚


  5. Your tapestry weaving is really cool! What a great first try. Your socks are lovely and 10 years blogging….I’ve been about the same I think and here I didn’t know you were out there. I have to put a list on my newer blog of friends that I visit which I used to have. I have been terrible about visiting since I don’t have that list. So you Zoom with other crafters? I just got a Chromebook and I have zoomed with the grands but just once so far. Is that your mosaic blanket under the socks? Planting and seed starting….every year I say no but I love to garden except it never works out for me down here in the South but I keep trying and then I am so disappointed. HAve a great week and Spring!

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  6. I love the socks. The color, the heel, the pretty knitting. And your spinning looks so even! Your tapestry weaving is fun! It will be fun to see more of that. I hope you have a good week, Liz!


  7. Your tapestry weave is really pretty! Did you use a commercial or handspun yarn for this piece?

    I love the sock! I haven’t made a top-down heel-flap/gusset in a long time; I’m feeling inspired to make a pair now!

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