YOP10 Week 40/52 – Weaving week


Last weekend I attended the two day International Feltmakers Association AGM and Conference, via Zoom.   On Sunday I was getting a bit exhausted and spent quite a bit of time at my spinning wheel and just listening in.  After the event there were some videos shared (for members only) from some professional felters that I found interesting and learned some things from.

So did it motivate me to get felting again?  Yes but the urge to start a weaving project was stronger.


I’m ready to do the toe decreases on my socks, so they should be finished for next week’s post.  I added a few rows to my cardigan too.  I can’t believe how slow I am knitting at the moment.


I finished a very thick and thin 3 ply. Last week I had shown the singles and knew it wasn’t coming out very even, but after such a long break doing long draw spinning its hardly surprising.


I bought the Garden Path scarf pattern from Kelly Casanova.  I am tweaking it slightly by doing 5 not 3 rows between the little bouquets.  Because the weave is quite loose and there are the little bouquet or window sections it actually seems I’m winding on fairly quickly. 

The yarn is 2 skeins of Mothy and the Squid 3ply/light fingering weight in Dusky Pink Dusk colour.  I won it last year in a giveaway she was doing.  It is much softer yarn than the sock yarn I buy from Cookston Crafts or Ripples Crafts, so it will be lovely as a soft scarf.  (Weird how alike the colours in my scarf and spinning is!)

I was sent a 10% off code for Kelly’s Etsy shop so I have bought 3 more patterns. I think I find weaving much easier with a specific pattern to follow, even if I tweak it.

Other News

I did my 6th Garden Diary post and since then we have done 2 more raised bed replacements, so just one left to do! 

I washed a Beltex fleece, this one isn’t a pure breed but a cross, so I may use this one first as a sample. It is lovely and soft.

I think that’s it. Other than to say if you celebrate Easter have a good one.

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 10th year, but this is my 3rd year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


  1. You are not knitting slower. You just have more crafts going now. Felting, weaving, spinning and knitting! So many projects and so little time lol. Not to mention you are busy in the garden too. I do like the scarf you are weaving. A lovely pattern. And of course in a most beautiful color.

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  2. Wow!! Your spun thick and thin is STUNNING, there is so much color depth. I need to find my empty bobbins and get spinning. I keep finding MORE fiber. Its embarrassing how its tucked into every nook of my craft stuff.

    I think one of the positive aspects of Zoom is that we can still be present AND work on a project to keep focused. I know personally, sitting still is hard for me, because I start fidgeting and then loose focus.

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  3. Your weaving with that yarn and pattern is so cool! It will make a beautiful scarf! I love handspun exactly because it is not all the same…thin and thick…I like that! Good for you on the gardening. I just got my supplies and plants so this week I will be working outside! Have a good one!

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  4. I love the colour of your thick and thin spin. You have been so busy with your spinning and weaving and felting classes. My goodness. I feel positively slothish after reading your progress. Yay for gardening. I got my potting soil today and cleaned up the flower boxes this week so planting will happen tomorrow as long as the weather holds.

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