YOP10 Week 42/52 – Felting


Well it seems a while since I had a felting update, as it’s been months since I have done any.

A few years ago I made a hat that I never wore outside and I decided to adjust the brim to one I was more comfortable wearing.

I received some ‘silk condenser waste’ from a lady at the Guild and I wanted to test how it looked when felted so I made a tiny felted vessel with it on.

I made a clock for my craft room that I like so much it’s now in the living room!

Close up

I also felted two lampshades but haven’t constructed them yet.


After casting off one arm with half the yarn I had left I felt it was too short and I haven’t finished the body or the trim, so I ordered 2 more 50g skeins to finish it. Oh and to get free postage I thought I’d order some other yarn…I mean that’s the law isn’t it? Hehe!

What I bought was 12 skeins of the exact same yarn in a dark red colour, to knit another Fine Sand cardigan. It had a good discount on it so I couldn’t resist!

Anyway the yarn hasn’t arrived yet and I can’t do more until it arrives, so I have cast on a pair of gloves for my husband. More on those next week.


I just plied some more of the BFL and Seacell which has already been shown a lot. There’s spinning group on Tuesday and I’m not the zoom controller for that so hoping to get a good 2 hrs of spinning done.


My yarn arrived from Wensleydale Longwool shop and they had accidentally sent me a skein of DK and Aran instead of 2 Aran skeins. They are sending me the correct one and said I can keep the DK one so that was great. I’m hoping it will be here early next week so I can progress with the weaving project I warped a week ago.

Other News

I took our dog to the beach on Friday. She wasn’t as excited as I was to be back on the beach after so many months staying within 5 miles. She seems to be aging pretty quickly now and I’m amazed she doesn’t rattle with all the tablets and supplements she is on. It’s her 13th birthday on Thursday which, for her weight of dog, makes her 82 in human years apparently.

The people are looking out for dolphins

I potted on some seedlings and planted some seeds in my raised borders. We are still getting some frost at night but today was scorching in the greenhouse.

I’ve started listening to The Midnight Library and finally seem to have found a book I’m not zoning out whilst listening to. It’s got me gripped already and such an interesting idea for a story.

This is a Year of Projects post. Officially the Group is in its 10th year, but this is my 3rd year participating. If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


  1. I really love the clock and hat. Purple suits you. I have never heard of condenser waste before. Is it anything like throwster’s waste (which is quite stiff)?

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  2. Freaking LOVE your clock. What a fantastic idea!! I’ve stopped putting up a clock above our pantry door because I’ve broken 3 – every time there is a time change I can’t seem to correctly hang it so it falls off. Maybe a felted clock wouldn’t break??? Your purple hat does look terrific on you. Glad you at least got to visit the beach even though it’s still cold. Love your “it’s a good price, etc.” rabbit hole for yarn buying. I have no more space yet I keep buying yarn!

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  3. We have had some lovely weather this week. It’s been chilly in the shade though!
    I love your clock, I can see why it has been promoted!

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  4. The hat is darling and the clock is magnificent! The red yarn sounds lovely and my girls were both 14 when they passed so they were 89? Dolphins? How wonderful that you live so close to the water. I’ll be planting this week too!

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  5. Wow – busy week! Your felting is just wonderful – love that clock, and your hat is lovely too! It really suits you and looks cozy besides 🙂 Hope Ylva gets a little more used to walking farther again and that she gets a little more limber as she goes.


  6. Story of my life running out of yarn to finish a project, but my last sweater I had just enough with a little left over. Absolutely amazing. So happy to finally have some thing finished.


  7. Absolutely it is a rule to order enough yarn to get free shipping. Anything else would be just silly! Love the beach pictures. I am staying away from the beach on these sunny hot days because I just know they will be too crowded. Once my vaccine kicks in I will venture there once again. I love your felted hat!


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