YOP11 Week 3/52 – TDF and Fibonacci


When I had knitted the Mostly Warmness cowl to the length (or rather teeth number) specified it seems a little snug on my neck.  It’s superwash so will no doubt stretch, so I don’t know whether to graft the 2 ends together now or do one more tooth!  For the cowl size…I wondered about blocking the cowl before I graft the ends together, any advice appreciated.  It’s garter stitch grafting which I haven’t done before.  So I parked it and did a few rows on my Habitation Throw.


Well I tried to get my spinning mojo back by spinning a completely different fibre but I only did a tiny bit and my shoulder started to feel a bit sore, so I basically withdrew from Tour de Fleece at the end of week 1 and that’s a shame as I have enjoyed spinning during the event in past years.  However, I have still enjoyed chatting to my team and looking at spinners yarns and fibre from around the world on the Facebook group. 

It officially ends today and whilst I am disappointed not to have taken part fully, I am pleased that in the last few months I have finished some long term spinning WIPs so perhaps my race just started earlier this year 😉

Round-up: I finished the BFL seacell blend, attempted combining nepps into a yarn and started the Llama Love fibre above.


I have warped my loom with my adapted Fibonacci pattern, it goes from left to right in blues and right to left in greens…in hindsight I wished I had done the largest number with the darkest shades, rather than the smallest number.  Especially as the palest shades aren’t great. 

However, this is just an experiment, as I’ve not used 8/4 cotton on a full tea-towel before, only when doing the hem sections of projects with 8/8 cotton.  I am also thinking next time I may just use 2 high contrast colours for the warp as maybe the sequence would ‘pop’ more.  Anyway, I just need to get weaving now, I’ll be using 8/4 white cotton weft on one towel and trying 8/2 white cotton on the 2nd.  Did I accurately measure my warp before winding on??? Nope!  So these will end up different length towels (yet again). 

Other News

Next week I would like to get some more lampshades and fairies made so that should give me a good sense of purpose.  I’m going to be sending a friend in Colorado a couple of fairies, but will make a selection for the shop as well. 

Coach trips stop in my town and some of the coaches park at the station and the very first shop the tourists walk to/past is the gallery where my items are sold. 

When our kitchen renovation/construction starts (don’t ask me when as it’s a sore point right now) there’ll be no space for wet felting so I was thinking I need to make as many of the felted fabric pieces as possible and I could keep constructing them once the kitchen is out of action for the wet process.  That’s the plan anyway.

This has been a challenging week for me and after a chat with my GP on Friday we have a plan to help turn things around including helping me get more sleep.  It isn’t a problem getting off to sleep, it’s a problem staying asleep, but thank you to everyone who suggested apps and smells etc to help. 

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 11th year, but this is my 4th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


  1. I am really sorry about your sleeplessness – I have the same issue (and had it for years), and I wish I had a remedy, but I don’t, I can only wish you good luck.
    On grafting: if you have done Kitchener stitch before, it is not that different on garter stitch. I wish I could remember where I learned, however Wooly Wormhead has several tutorials on it, so perhaps it helps, see here:

    Your warp looks really nice – look forward to the towels!

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  2. Sleeplessness seems a common problem. Just talked with my son yesterday about the Veterans Hospital is finally starting to work on helping him with the same – staying asleep. Also our friend that we vacationed with has trouble staying asleep. Hope you find something that works for you. I’m sorry about your shoulder. One of my knitting friends has a great big sand timer that she uses to reminder her to stop and take a break from knitting every 30 minutes. She is also getting physical therapy and starting to see some improvement.

    Now, on your cowl…. I would be tempted to block half of it if possible so that where you would continue to knit if needed doesn’t change. Then compare the blocked gauge to the unblocked.

    Sounds like a good plan on stocking your very cute fairies.

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  3. Another sleep issue person here and I can attest that it’s horrible to not get enough! Here’s to you finding a solution soon.

    As for the cowl, I say block it first before grafting or deciding to do another tooth. After the block you should be able to see what the best fix it.

    Sorry you couldn’t TDF but I’m with you, I’d say that you did started your race earlier this year and finished all those WIPs strong!

    Your weaving makes me really want to start learning how to use my rigid heddle loom. So inspiring.


  4. Sorry about your sleep issues. I’ve had the same, but have recently been having luck using a weighted blanket. Not perfect, but I’m only waking up once a night instead of being up all night. Might be worth looking into.

    That weaving loom looks great. Cant wait to see how the towel comes out.


  5. Your cowl is nice but doing a partial block of it before making a final decision is also my thought. I really like the colors you have on your loom for your towels. How long does it take for you to get the loom set up? Sorry to hear you could not spin for the entire TDF. But you have spun quite a bit already this year so I think that counts. I hope you find an answer to your sleep issues. Since hitting a certain age, I find my bladder does not believe in sleeping all night long. I am lucky though as I am usually able to go back to sleep after that little interruption. Most of my kids have sleep issues and have tried various meds, noises, smells and blankets. What works for one does not always work for another. May you find the perfect solution for you.

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  6. That’s some beautiful spinning there. I’m really sorry you didn’t get as far through the Tour as you’d hoped. I do think sometimes we can use these events to put a bit too much pressure on ourselves (she says making Ravellenics plans…) Your warp looks so neat too, I really struggle with getting an even tension across the warp.

    I hope your sleep and health improves.


  7. ugh. sleeplessness sucks. I often wake up around 4am and can’t get back to sleep until 7 or 8. Makes for a grouchy, grumpy day. I love the cowl, and I think another tooth would be good, but would probably block after grafting. Blocking, for me, sometimes makes finding the stitch I want to graft more difficult. Sorry about your Tour de Fleece, but like you said – you just started earlier than the rest of us so it’s all good. Take care of that arm – I have learned it is always best to listen to our body!

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  8. I hope you feel better soon. Sorry you couldn’t get to participate like you wanted to for Tour de Fleece. As for the cowl, I agree with everyone else about blocking first, even if it’s a light block to see if it’s the right size. There is such a thing as too tight for the neck.

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  9. Our self-imposed deadlines are often the most disappointing if we miss them. Let that shoulder rest if its giving you pain (says she who never follows her own advice).

    I love how the cowl looks! I’m tend to not block my garter stitch items, so I *personally* would would knit another tooth. Particularly if you have plenty of yarn left.

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  10. Sleeplessness is really rough to live with – it affects so much! All of your crafting is looking lovely today. Love the weaving start! So sorry that you needed to bow out of the Tour de Fleece. But better to rest and take care of yourself and live to spin another day 🙂

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  11. Count me among the sleep strugglers here. I hope you get relief. It would be interesting to read what you try – especially if it’s successful. I LOVE all the close-up pictures, Liz. makes me feel like I’m right there standing next to your loom and your spool.

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  12. I hope you’ll find a solution to your sleep problems soon. I’m struggling too most nights, it’s no fun at all. I love your weaving, can’t wait to see how it turns out. And you know I always envy your spinning skills.

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  13. Yep – another here with sleep issues, although I’m fairly certain mine are linked to work, so hopefully mine will improve for a few weeks now! I love your warp, it looks perfect for a towel, I can’t wait to see the next stage.

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