What I’m watching and listening to Update

There are some new (to me) audio and YouTube podcasts I have been enjoying recently so I thought I’d share them.

On YouTube, there’s a fairly new knitting podcast, only 6 episodes so far, called The Thoughtful Knitter. Ailie lives in the far north of Scotland (even further north than me!). I have been enjoying her gentle and relaxing podcast which I thought some of you would enjoy. She uses lots of Scots words when she speaks but she handily writes their meaning on screen. I’ve lived here 17 years and I have learned some new terms.

(In Scotland there are 3 spoken languages, English, Scots and Gaelic. If you’ve seen Outlander you’ll be familiar with some words in Scots.)

YouTube link

Again on YouTube I discovered a podcast called This Little Wonderful Life. Ali has two channels, this one follows her and her family and I absolutely love following this family. They live in the south east of England. I was watching their Vlogmas, then started watching last year’s Vlogmas too and now have watched loads of her episodes from the last 2 years.

YouTube link

Ali’s other channel is a knitting and crochet channel, called Little Drops of Wonderful I’m saving these episodes for when I have run out of episodes on the other channel.

YouTube link

Long time followers will know I never miss an episode of Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard. On Thursdays he has experts on and one of those this year was Andrew Huberman, a tenured professor of Neurobiology and Ophthalmology at Stanford School of Medicine.

For months the episode kept coming back to my mind and so I’ve now started to listen to Andrew’s own podcast, Huberman Lab. You can watch on YouTube or listen on any podcast app. I’m finding it interesting (although quite overwhelming sometimes with all the scientific jargon). I’m picking up some tips I’m applying and building into my routine.

YouTube link

Spotify link

Other audio podcasts I may have mentioned before I listen to are Life is Short with Justin Long, Smartless and Brydon&.

Other YouTube channels I follow are Yoga with Adriene and 3 knitting ones; Jude Harper, Grocery Girls and Knitting the Stash.

Is their an audio podcast or YouTube channel you’ve been enjoying and would like to share? Comment below so others can try them 😀


  1. Thanks for all of these links! It’s always great to have some new podcast options and these sound wonderful. I’m partial to A Book Olive and Supposedly Fun. They are both booktube accounts but I always find good new titles to read from them.

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  2. I listen to National Trust podcasts while knitting. LOVE hearing about all they do. I’m a member even though I’m American. We have nothing like it in America

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    • Oh I didnt know they had a podcast. We got 15 months membership for the price of 12 once and oh my we really got our monies worth. We went to most of the places in Scotland and even some in Northern England! I shall look that one out thanks.


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