Tour de Fleece 2022

I’m back for my 5th Tour de Fleece!

In short, it’s a spinning event where you spin each of the days the cyclists cycle the Tour de France.  Details are on Ravelry in the Tour de Fleece group.

This year I’m a member of our Guild’s team, our team name is Highland Treadlers and Twirlers.

I’m also back in the Corner of Knit and Tea’s team. I was a member for 3 years and then wasn’t in the team last year (as I captained the Guild team) and I lost my spinning mojo, so perhaps that team is my lucky charm for keeping my mojo high.

Also Alissa from Headknits and Sarah from Mildly Granola and I will be keeping in touch on how our spinning is going.

This year my main aim is to finish existing projects:

  • John Arbon Harvest Hues. I started with 660g of fibre and I’m about 3/4 through. I started this in January 2020…or possibly earlier.
  • BFL/Shetland in Parma violet colourway. I started this a few weeks ago but this was on my TDF to do list for 2019!
  • I have been spinning my 4th colourway of baby camel and silk fibre. I have one bobbin filled and another to finish and then ply them. I’m thinking 2 ply and I’ll use it in a shawl.
  • Breed project. I have been spinning small amounts of different breeds and I have a few washed and prepped breeds to spin up towards that.


  1. I just signed up with the team a/t my local yarn store yesterday! I still need to head on over to Ravelry to look at things there and I want to get the wheel all oiled up and ready to go. I have 5 ounces of paco-vicuna that I really want to spin, and then there is a really rose-grey alpaca fleece that I bought a couple of years ago that is waiting for me to put through the drum carder…

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    • Ooh alpaca and vicuña to spin …sounds fabulous! I tried finding my oil but I’ll have to go look in the garage and hunt there. No idea which safe place I put it in 😂 I’ll look forward to seeing your spun fibres…a shame they haven’t invented virtual squishing of yarn yet.

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      • I found my oil last night! I also found some 50/50 yak/silk in the stash… why have I not spun this before? Now I have this yummy stuff to spin and then I can card the alpaca fleece to break things up. This all depends on whether my bad boy hip decides to behavew itself, but with the steroids I’m on right now this is my best chance to get it all spun! I’ll get up pictures tomorrow.


  2. Looking forward to seeing your Tour updates. That Parma Violet is a really lovely colour. I’ve a couple of different projects to work on for this Tour but I also want to give a bit of time to one of my breed projects too (I have found soooo many bits of fleece under the bed I had forgotten about). I hope you enjoy your spinning!


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