Word of the Year 2023 – Less

I see that other bloggers have a word of the year that helps them set an intention for the year ahead.

If I have set a word of the year before then I have forgotten it almost immediately. I’m not even sure whether I have set one before.

Also, I have been watching old episodes of Tales from Cuckoo Land which is such a delightful channel by Gayna, a mother of 3 boys, hamster and dog owner, knitter and all round lovely person. 4 years ago her word of the year was “Less” and I thought oh that sounds like a word that would suit me this year.

Also “Less” ties in with:

  • the blog post I’d mentioned last Sunday, that was helping me know I have enough yarn, material and clothes.
  • wanting less clutter in the house and especially in the garage and loft.
  • wanting less waste and having more handmade eco friendly options
  • wanting to spend less money on stuff…you know the sort of things that it’s so easy to spend money on but they don’t add anything to your life but clutter!
  • less procrastinating and more doing! Ooof I am a procrastaholic if there is such a thing.
  • less beating myself up…haha didn’t I just do that in the above bullet…ah well from now on less!
  • less worrying about things I can’t control
  • less time on social media

Less could be seen as a negative word but I mean it in a more positive light and feel inspired. “Less is more” springs to mind.

Do you have a word of the year? Do you forget what it is or remember? Do you look back at the end of the year to see how your word impacted your year?


  1. I LOVE the meaning of Less as an intention! I’ve used “Do” and “Action” as intentions. It’s helped me start making the bed every day and with some procrastination (when it comes to putting stuff away).

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  2. I used to do a word of the year but haven’t in the last several. I like your concept of less is more tho – and I feel like if so many “less’es” resonate with you, you’ll have an excellent chance of carrying it through the entire year.


  3. I hadn’t thought of having a word for the year but I do like your word. In many ways I’m having similar thoughts as you with wanting “less” but it will bring in more value to life


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