Trying something new – Sewing Bin

Quite a while ago I ordered a couple of “sewing bin” kits from the supplier I get my lampshades kits from.

A couple of weeks ago I blended a purple batt on my drum carder using some different shades of purple merino and lilac flax.

I laid these blended fibres out on some Shetland pre-felt  I then used some pink bamboo viscose, some pink and some lilac flax and some white merino and silk to decorate.

The length required was a challenge and I probably won’t make more than the other kit I have.

The other one I will probably do in the colours of our sunroom where I keep my Ashford Traditional wheel. We have nice lights in there I can pull fibres out of the stash to replicate.

I’m going to use them for active spinning and knitting projects.


  1. I took a needle felting picture class at the fiber festival I went to this past week end, and the whole time I thought about your beautiful lamp shades. It’s not as easy as it looks lol.

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