YOP8 – Week 34/52


I have finished Lintilla and wore it on a walk on Friday where I didn’t even need my coat it was so mild out!!! In mid-February!!!!   I also wore it all day Saturday.  It doesn’t unwrap itself which is great, even when I was walking and it was blowing a hoolie (Scottish for strong winds).

Some progress made on my Void shawl, but only a little.  On the photo below I have included a black and white image so you can better see the pattern on Void.  Also the marker shows progress since my last photo.  It is hard to photograph as its a dark purple alpaca yarn.  I still have just over 3 balls of yarn left….this thing gets so much wider each pattern repeat; I am not sure I will do it full sized.  I was considering making some wrist warmers and then just making Void as big as the yarn that is left over…we will see.

I did a little more sock knitting and although I still have some concerns with it looking small I am sticking with the same pattern and needle size.  I basically haven’t stuck to the grocery girls sock bash KAL at all…I am just going to try to do one pair of socks a month and they may well all use the same pattern!  I am on the heel flap of the first sock.  I should have split this ball in 2 so I could knit 2 at a time, I can’t use the centre pull for the other pair as I have seen too many yarn barfs on others’ blogs so I am too scared.  So I will have to hope 2nd sock syndrome doesn’t strike.  I think it is going to be tricky getting a perfect pair…but we shall see.  As this is my 3rd pair using the Hermiones Everyday sock pattern, it is well on its way to being mindless knitting.  I rarely need to look at the pattern.  I have made some slight amendments that hopefully I will remember on the 2nd sock.


I spun the merino, silk and mohair blend into a 3 ply (chain ply).  It is much harder to keep a consistent width of yarn when woolen spinning from rolags.  Before setting it, a quick check against my gauge showed the yarn as fingering weight in some places and worsted in others!  Hey ho!  It is still wet after setting it, so I don’t have a photo.  Once it is dry I will measure it and take some photos for next week.

Other crafts 

No felting or dyeing this week.  I have spent some crafting time reading the Yarn-i-tec-ture book by Jillian Moreno.  It is about spinning the yarn you want.  I also have some editions of the Ply magazine to read and a blog post I found about tips on spinning sock yarn.

The only other crafting I did was to make some more sea glass stitch/progress markers.  Some are already in my project bags, but these are extra ones I may sell at some point.

So it feels not as productive a week as normal, but I am learning from the book and articles, so it isn’t time wasted.  I just wish I could read and knit at the same time, and apparently some people can spin and read at the same time!!!  With this month’s Audible credit I have bought the Sherlock Holmes: The Definitive Collection read by Stephen Fry.  It is about 70 hours long!  This should help me be more productive around the house and garden than I have been watching box sets on Amazon Prime!

My weight has been creeping up and up over the last couple of years and I’m at my heaviest at the moment.  So yesterday and today I climbed the hills behind our house. There aren’t any sheep in the lower fields at the moment, so Ylva and I walked up 5 steep fields yesterday, and today with my husband we did another couple of steep fields beyond…only to find when we got to the ‘top’ that in fact there were even more steep fields beyond!  One day we will keep going and take a picnic.  My heart rate was in cardio for a far longer time than walking the dog anywhere else, so whilst the sheep aren’t about I will keep climbing.  Here’s a photo taken at the top of the 3rd field yesterday…when I didn’t need my coat!  The water is the Cromarty Firth.


P.S.  I found my non-slip gel, so slippers from last week are now in use 😁


  1. You are making great progress with all your projects! Your Lintilla is beautiful, and your Void and sock are looking lovely too 🙂 You get so much done! And thank you for sharing your beautiful scenery – looks like a lovely place for a walk.

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  2. Absolutely have to agree – beautiful landscape, thanks for sharing! I also love how that shawlette looks on you, well done! We also have very mild temperatures here, around 15 degrees celsius – but is still below 0 (well, just -1) at night. Have a great week!

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  3. The Lintilla turned out great and the views from your walk, just stunning! It’s extremely mild here in Ireland also, I’ve not been wearing a coat for most of February. The black and white shot of void really shows up the texture, it’s great, amazing when you take colour out of the equation how things can look.

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  4. Beautiful Lintilla. How nice that it doesn’t come undone with a strong wind. The Hermione socks are one of my favorite patterns also. I especially like it for my husbands socks. The sea glass markers are very pretty. They would be perfect to sell at a craft show.

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  5. Oooh, your Lintilla is so pretty wrapped around your neck, Liz. And the stitch pattern on the Void really does show up better in that black and white photo! Cool. And lastly… what a beautiful place you have to walk! Sigh.

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  6. It looks so beautiful and springy there! We had a few days of what we call “Fool’s Spring” but we are back to below freezing temps.

    Lintilla is very pretty. You are so productive. If you sell those beach glass stitch markers I will buy a set!

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  7. I have to agree with everyone else: Lintilla looks very beautiful. All WIPs look great too. And I love your sea glass stitch markers. The view is stunning! Enjoy your warm spell. I spend most of the day yesterday ploughing snow and now we have a blizzard – arrrggghh.

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  8. I commented here once but then our internet went down just enough to lose it. So, let me just say that your Lintilla is beautiful! It looks so nice on you too against the white. The Void is really coming along and I can definitely see the beautiful diamond pattern. Love the socks and the yarn you’re using….that is a fun pattern. i really like the sea glass progress keepers….we are miles away from any ‘sea’ so if you sell any let us know! Is it real sea glass or can you buy it? Your view is gorgeous and so is your dog. I envy you Brits as you have so many beautiful places to walk.

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    • Hi, the sea glass is all collected by me on Rosemarkie beach, it’s the best place in this area to find it and I’ve become expert at spotting it. I have lots of it in different sizes. I used to only collect big bits for making a wind chime and jewellery but then started collecting the small bits when I bought my Dremel. I am going to add another link to some of them, so they hang the right way and are easier to open and close, once I have done that I will offer them for sale I think.


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