Q&A – Sea Glass and Shell Stitch/Progress Markers

On Sunday my husband and I went for another walk on Rosemarkie Beach and after a few days of high winds and rough tides there was lots of sea glass washed up.

So I have been busy making more stitch / progress markers for knitters to use.

I have some queries though that I wanted to canvass some opinions on what you would want if you were buying stitch markers.

  1. How many stitch markers would you want per batch?
  2. Would you want the batch to all have the same coloured glass or variety?
  3. Would you want the batch to have all the same coloured lobster clasps?
  4. What sort of price would you expect to pay for stitch markers?
  5. Do you prefer the glass or shell ones?
  6. Would you want a mix of glass and shell or just one sort per batch?
  7. Do you have any other tips, suggestions or advice?

Any help would be hugely appreciated and if you are able to share this post with your own readers I’d be hugely grateful so that I can gather as many opinions as possible.

Here’s some photos of ones (to potentially sell) made so far.

3 white and 3 green on gold coloured clasps
3 green on gold coloured clasps
3 shades of green and 3 white on chrome coloured clasps
5 shades of sea glass on chrome coloured clasps
5 shells on varied coloured clasps
5 white on silver coloured clasps
6 green on chrome coloured clasps


  1. I like a set of at least 5 with one being different somehow to use for knitting in the round. I like them to be light enough not to add weight but heavy enough to hang and not get caught in the stitches.
    Yours are beautiful!

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  2. 1. At least 5 with 6 being even better
    2. Need at least 1 of different color
    3. Clasp color would not matter to me.
    4. $10-$15 American dollars? Hard to put a price on something handmade
    5. I personally prefer the glass
    6. No mixture of glass and shell
    7. Would love to see some that are smallish to use on sock patterns and also medium to large ones for sweaters, shawls and blankets.

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  3. These are beautiful!
    I agree with what has been said. I think both the shells and the glass are lovely! As a suggestion though, when you are ready to sell, maybe put in a few mixed sets to see how they do. If they don’t go you can always work the individual items back into homogeneous sets.

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  4. 1. Minimum 5 for a batch of stitch markers is always good, but I have purchased batches of 10.
    2. Generally I like 1 different within the batch to mark the start of a round. When I think of what and how markers and keepers are used I think then it can be helpful to have some in different colours (eg, left increases, right increases, starts of rounds, pattern repeats etc)
    3. It’s not that I wouldn’t mind the clasps being a different colour but from a selling visual selling point I think if they were the same colour it would be better.
    4. 10 -15 euro/pound, though checking out what similar style markers are being sold for on etsy currently is probably a better way to go.
    5. I like both and think sets of all one and a slight mixture is quite nice. You will have people who prefer one and both so why not cater to both.
    6. I seemed to have answered this one in question 5, sorry, but I do think the choice will open up to more potential customers for you.
    7. I would perhaps consider putting some on jump rings so they are markers as well as then including one on a lobster clasp to work as a progress keeper.

    I think they are beautiful and so natural looking that I can see lots of people being interesting in them Liz.

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    • Thanks Ruth, this morning I have made sure each have 2 links and put them in batches of 6 with different colours and sizes, with one larger one in each set. I’ll need to buy some jump rings, not sure what they are…but I bet Google does. Thanks again

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  5. Sorry I haven’t answered this before now – I’m afraid I’ve got quite a bit behind lately. I was thinking about trying to put in some answers to your questions, but I can see that you already a lot of great answers, and I don’t usually use more than one stitch marker (for row end/beginning), so I’ve decided not to. If I did use sets though, I would love to get one of yours – they are really beautiful. 🙂

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