YOP8 – 35/52

With it feeling like Spring I have been doing some Spring Cleaning this week and doing jobs around the house (like cleaning carpets and windows) during times when I would normally do some knitting or spinning.  

Spinning and Knitting

I did do a bit more rolag spinning practice, with rolags I’d made with random bits of leftover fluff.  I thought with the yarn I would do a test version of the Northeasterly blanket, to try out a new increase I saw on someone’s blog.  The pattern says to use M1L and M1R for increases, but they are too fiddly, so I’d gone with Kfb. However, this gives an uneven look, so instead of kfb you do knit front of stitch, leave it on the needle and then slip instead of knitting the back.  This gives a far more symetrical pattern on either side of the centre line.  I don’t think you can tell on this photo, as its dark scraps I used, handy for storing my stitch markers though.  (Fellow YOPers and regular readers…Read under sea glass section below for information about how you can own a set of these markers.  First come first served basis.)

I’m wondering whether to frog my current progress on my real blanket…but then I’m impatient to finish Void and my socks, so I’ll pop the first strip on stitch holders and start a new column and then decide at some future date what to do with the strip I’m unhappy with.  

I am also getting impatient to start knitting a jumper (sweater) or cardigan.  

(I have 2 wonderful project bags from Tatty Designs on Etsy.  One is ideal for shawls and has Void in it, one is for socks and so when she finally made some in Winnie the Pooh fabric I couldn’t resist buying one in the larger size (ideal for jumper projects!).  I love it!)

So I am going to knit a swatch next week in my Cochrane yarn from Ripplescrafts.  I haven’t used this particular yarn before (although I am VERY familiar with her sock yarns).  I have the colourway called Bramble Picking…so of course it is purple…I am so predictable.  The yarn is a blend of Bowmont and Blue Faced Leicester breeds and I think I have decided which cardigan to make, assuming I get gauge on my swatch!  I have a shortlist on Ravelry by creating a Bundle…what a handy function!  The gauge swatch may sway a decision, but at the moment I am thinking the Elda cardigan.  

In the meantime, my wood pigeon coloured socks are progressing.  I got to the end of the gusset decreases on sock one and decided to start sock 2, so that when I knit the foot I can knit them 2 at a time and won’t have to bother counting rows!  This did mean finding the end of the yarn inside the ball and winding it into a cake, so that the order of the colours was correct.  No issue with knots  thank goodness, which had put me off before.


As the weather is improving I have been making plans to start dyeing practice again.  I have some yarn to dye for the Quick Sand cardigan pattern, plus multiple sock yarns to practice with.  So many things I want to knit, its frustrating I am not a quicker knitter.  


I made a coin purse this week, which was on my YOP list and I am really pleased with it.  It only used 15g of corriedale wool and some bits of an old purse.  (Now in the US I am aware they call handbags ‘purses’, so not sure what they call things specifically to hold loose change.)  There’s a separate post about it if you’d like to find out more.

It was my felting group on Saturday and instead of taking my wet felting gear I took my needle felting stuff.  No picture yet, as its a surprise for someone and isn’t finished yet!

Sea glass

Earlier this week, I also did a separate post about some more sea glass and shell stitch markers I made, asking for some advice.  

Subsequently, I did another post aimed at my fellow YOPers and other regular readers/commenters of my blog.  It offers you the chance of having a set or two of the sea glass markers for just covering the costs of post and packing fees.  See the comments on that post first, as some have already been chosen and will be heading to Alaska and Arizona this week!  I picked up postage costs leaflet and some small padded envelopes today.  I just need to look up if PayPal take a % for converting currencies.

Drafted ideas for 2019-2020!!!  

There are so many yummy things I keep spotting, so I have already started to draft next year’s list!!!  If you fancy a nosey to see if something you made has inspired me to try to make my own next year.




  1. I love both cardigan patterns you have picked out. As for the ‘little’ purse you made…….I think it depends on where in the US you are as to what they are called. I always called them a coin purse. I have heard others call them a change purse. We all know what each other means. Your sock is coming along nicely. The colors are so pretty too.

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  2. I would call the little bag you made a coin purse or a change purse. I loved seeing the other post where you show how it was formed. What pretty colors in that felted fiber!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love the shortlist of items for your Cochrane. I’ve a love for Ishnana but that’s because I’ve it favourited for quite a while. I think the Elda will work great also, the slip stitch detail to the v-neck and bands adds a lovely interest to it. The socks are coming on great and how cute is your felted coin purse! Love that.

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    • I’ve discounted the Ishnana from the list as I realise it is bottom up construction and I would prefer doing top down, so I can try on as I go. I’m wondering if Elda is different enough to the Chimney Fire cardigan. That also didn’t have button band and had front detail and then the next cardi on my list also doesn’t have a button band….but then I never do up cardigans as they gape at my podgy bits lol…hmmmm decisions decisions.

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      • I hear you on the decisions, this are all the different things to way up when deciding on one garment over another. It’s what I go through in picking garments that I may be interested in knitting too. Looking forward to seeing what you decide.

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      • Gauge is a marmite kind of thing I always think. You either love it or hate it. I don’t mind it so much but that is down to having designed and gauge swatches were vital. I do like how I can use them now to work a garment around my gauge when it’s different, I guess it’s hard to let go of certain parts of the designer.

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  4. I love your socks and I have made a pair with WYS yarn and need to get more as I really liked working with it and wearing it. We would call your little purse a “change purse”….so sweet it is. Marsha is correct also in calling it a ‘coin purse’. I love all your future plans and I am in the mood to clean also….and organize.

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  5. All gorgeous — love the pattern that’s emerging on the socks and the felted coin purse is awesome! You have some pretty choices there in your bundle, but I agree the Elda is stunning. And I love that you’re already thinking ahead to next year’s list, and especially that there’s a Havana blanket on the list! 🙂

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  6. Your coin purse is so cute – it could also be used for knitting or sewing notions. I have some socks I knit years ago with an identical colourway. Brought back memories. Your sea glass stitch markers are beautiful and would make nice jewelry as well.

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