Name crisis! Help!

So I created the name Highlandheffalump back in early 2011 or late 2010 when I created my original blog on blogspot (since moved to WordPress).  Since then I am Highlandheffalump just about everywhere…Instagram Highland_heffalump, Facebook is highlandheffalumppage, this website is, Ravelry etc etc

The thing is, if I am going to ever sell goods under this name I risk the wrath of Disn*y lawyers.  I see on the UK trademark site that they registered the word ‘heffalumps’ in 2012 and at the moment my icon is a wee picture of my heffalump cuddly toy peaking over my homemade bridal bouquet made of plastic heather and thistles.  (I got married at the Icehotel in Sweden thus the need for fake flowers!).  Anyway…that leaves me with a sticky situation.

So do I:

  1. Carry on as just a hobbyist under this name and not sell my stuff…but then that will produce a lot of clutter if it doesn’t go anywhere except gifts.
  2. Sell my stuff under highlandheffalump and hope the mega corporation wouldn’t be interested in a tiny wee business run for pin money rather than world domination
  3. Contact Disn*y and ask if they would have an issue?
  4. Think of a new name to trade under! If so any ideas are welcome (so long as they are offered free with no expectation of payment)…can you tell I have being sued on my mind!?!
The other issue is I don’t want to pigeon hole myself with a name that is too specific to a particular craft.  I paint, do pastels, spin, dye,  knit, crochet, wet felt, needle felt, make sea glass jewellery and knitting markers and who knows what other crafts I may do in the future.
Oh and another issue, there is already a successful artist called “Liz Armstrong” so that’s out.


  1. Wow….when Shakespeare wrote “What’s in a name” he had no idea there would be lawsuits over them. I love your name but see your concern. What if you changed 1 letter in heffalump? How about huffalump? Of course the photo of your stuffy would need to be removed too. I guess you could contact the Disney peeps and ask if it is a copyright infringement since you do have Highland infront of it. Or call the other Liz Armstrong and let her know she now has competition lol.

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  2. Do you think you could find a Scots Gaelic word that fits with what you do? I had a look at a couple around the ideas of crafting and creations, but I’m sure there are a number of words you could put after Highland that would describe you and your work really nicely.

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  3. It’s funny actually when I was looking up Heffalump yesterday I found in Scots it is often used to describe a fat lazy person 😮. I have written to Disney and will see what they say. I’m not ready to sell anything yet so can wait and see what they say.

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  4. I hope you come up with something you like. I like your name as is, and since you started using it before they trademarked it, maybe it won’t be an issue?

    Here’s a funny story. At my studio the landlord asked me what name I would like on the door. At first I said HeadKnits, and then I said Alissa Head Fiber Arts. She responded to that with “perfect!” They finally got around to putting it up on Sunday, and guess what it says? Knithead. 😂 I’m just going to leave it.

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  5. I get your concern – Disney can be kind of scary with their trademark enforcement. On the one hand, changing your name is a bit of a pain, but on the other hand, it’s a chance to rebrand a little bit, which can be kind of fun. I like your name as is too, but it’s good that you are thinking about it ahead of time 🙂


  6. In this instance Liz I’d be inclined to come up with a new name. I can’t see you getting much joy with Disney and it’s been known for them to go after the small business even when it’s only pin money compared to them. As for what names you could use, I’m afraid I have no suggestions only that the right one will present itself at the right time. Best of luck with your plans.

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