‘Highlandheffalump’ name saga continued

So I have been doing some research and it looks like copyright of a book/character can only be copyrighted for the life of the creator + 70 years. It was A. A. Milne who appears to have originally used the word to describe an elephant and he died 31st January 1956. So that is 63 years ago, which I think means Disney should only be allowed to copyright the name until January 2026.

However as they made the Heffalump movie more recently I couldn’t use any of the images of Disney’s Heffalump or images from its movie. Which is fine.

I am thinking if they can only copyright the name for 7 more years then perhaps they will be reasonable and allow me to keep Highlandheffalump as my name. I wouldn’t be creating any artwork or creations that would be covered by Disney (or anyone else’s) copyright.

So I am going to think positive, send out to the universe that I want to keep the name Highlandheffalump when I sell any goods…and patiently await an answer from them, which it says takes 6-8 weeks.

I don’t have enough stock items to sell anything for the foreseeable future anyway, so I am not in a rush…albeit I don’t want to wait 6 years and 11 months!

Positive thoughts peeps, as I just can’t imagine picking a new name. I started using this so long ago and it feels part of me.


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