YOP8 – Week 51/52


It is weird as we approach the end of this YOP year, I seem to have got totally distracted from my list!!  But I’m trying to get back on track…although next year’s list is calling me.


One of the things on the current list was to make an art yarn single, but I couldn’t seem to get started on one until my June Fibre Club box arrived from World of Wool and it had some rainbow coloured wool and some rainbow coloured trilobal nylon.  It’s so weird trying to spin something chunkier, when I have been spending so much time trying to achieve a fingering weight 2 or 3 ply which has meant spinning super fine singles.  

So I had a go, I’ve not made a chunky or thick’n’thin single before so I’m not 100% sure how you are supposed to deal with twist just going one way.  I set it by weighting the wet yarn with a spray bottle.  I thought I’d use it for trying to make another smitten mitten for my holiday garland.  Given they are all going to be made from hand spun samples.


As mentioned I’ve been trying to spin fine singles to make a fingering weight yarn, so I’ve also been spinning my Coastal Colours BFL and SeaCell.  The intension being this will be sock yarn to knit a pair of socks with homespun yarn! Its slow going because I’m spinning it so finely.


I had another go at making a coin purse for the clasps I have bought.  It has ended up still a bit too big, so I need to tweak the template a little.  Clearly it was pure luck that my first coin purse, which I made on a balloon, was the right size for the clasp.  Beginners luck perhaps.  Anyway I will persevere because I have bought about 5 clasps.  

My sister has sent me a bit of the paint and wallpaper she’s planning to use to decorate their bedroom and has asked for 2 x 30cm ceiling and 2 x 15cm bedside table lampshades, so I’ve ordered some supplies but need to order some more pre-felt too and then I can start those. 


I have made a start on “Such a Winter’s Day” by Heidi Kirrmaier in New Lanark wool in Iris colour.  The initial rows are knit straight and my gauge was loose, when I’ve joined in the round my gauge for stitches is pretty accurate, but off on rows.  Looking at my other 2 cardigans I’ve made I wonder if those yarns had the same issue as waist decreases seem to start quite high.  I want this to be easily pulled off and on, so a little loose will be fine.  The fabric is going to be quite stiff I think.

On Thursday I got as far as I could with the cable I had and being unwilling to spend half a day trying to put Void’s stitches on waste yarn, I ordered another long cable.  So I put the jumper on waste yarn and tried it on…ermmm it seems huge, so I think I’m going to switch to do size M1, which is possible at the point I’m at.  


I wanted a smaller project for travel knitting, something easy, so I have made a start on the “Easy Goes It” shawl by Finicky Creations, using my own handspun camel and silk yarn.  Oooh this yarn is soooooo soft.  I cast it on Thursday afternoon and I’m obsessed with it, its like knitting a cloud its soooooooooooooooooo soft.  The fibre was from Coastal Colours and I bought and spun it last year and have another batch I bought this year but haven’t started spinning it yet.  Think of the softest thing you can think of and this would beat it…it’s soft soft soft.  (Photo taken before bed on Thursday.)



I treated myself to my first Stranded Dyeworks Merino Cashmere Nylon (MCN) yarn.  It is very soft and squishy, I bought it to make socks with, but that may change. 

This post was written on Thursday and scheduled to load on Sunday, as we are away for a long weekend.

We were supposed to be going camping back up on the North Coast of Scotland, but given the daily rain and cold we are experiencing here, we are treating ourselves to something half way between a tent and a cottage. It’s an old Shepherd’s Hut near Tongue. I’ll post some pictures next week of our trip.


  1. Those cottages look absolutely perfect. I’ve just come back from a week in Scotland (a lot further south than you though) and I had a beautiful week, the odd shower but nothing more . Enjoy x

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  2. Your sweater is such pretty color. The shawl looks super duper soft. What a nice feel to have around your neck and shoulders. The shepherds hut looks so quaint and cozy. Enjoy your time there.

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  3. Loving the handspun, especially the chunky!

    And what beautiful knitting projects. I particularly like Easy Goes It, it looks stunning in that colour, but I’m also intrigued by the sweater, such a pretty colour!

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  4. I love the handspun! I have one skein of handspun that I covet. Would it pay to learn how to spin? Does it save you money or do the bats cost just as much? I love the Such a Winter’s Day sweater…I want to make one…is it difficult? I don’t want anything tight….big and baggy is my style! LOL! LOve the color of yarn you’re using. I love the Easy Goes it shawl too…my handspun would make a nice shawl but I think I only have one skein of it in DK. I need to find a pattern where I can utilize it maybe in combo with other yarns. Yours is so awesome looking in those colors.
    the new yarn is scrumptious….I wish I could afford those pricey yarns but alas the house and upkeep takes all my spare change! LOL! I need to downsize..soon!
    The sheperd’s cottage looks so cute and cozy! that’s what I need to downsize too! LOL! Have a great time!

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    • It’s cheaper to buy fibre and spin it yourself but spinning a sweater quantity is something I’m yet to try. Of course you have the expense of the spinning equipment so that’s an investment but I follow people who spin sweater quantities on spindles and only use their wheel to ply! You can ply on spindles without a wheel. To give it a try is pretty cheap. You don’t have to buy fancy batts, paradise fibres or somewhere similar on US probably sell top reasonably priced.


  5. Your spinning looks great and way to go on the art yarn single. It is hard to go back to spinning thicker when we have all worked so hard to spin thinner isn’t it? I am looking forward to your list for next year. You have so many great projects on the go!

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  6. Your handspun yarns are looking great, Liz. I love the colors twisted in that first ball. And your description of your camel and silk yarn sure makes me want to squish it. How wonderful that must be to work with. The Shepherd’s Hut looks like a wonderful retreat. I’m already looking forward to your pictures!

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  7. I hope you have a great trip Liz, the shawl looks perfect for travelling and I can only imagine how soft it is. The spinning is coming on great and I’d imagine it’s not very easy to switch from thick/thin to the very fine yarn you need for your sock yarn, which by the way looks great already and is sure to make a gorgeous pair of handspun socks.

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