Quick Sand Cardigan



Quick Sand by Heidi Kirrmaier


Garnstudio DROPS Bomull-Lin in Blue Grey colour (Colour 20)  53% cotton/47% linen.  Aran weight yarn, 4 ply, 50g balls


$6.53 (£5.15) for the pattern, however this is a discounted price as I bought 4 of Heidi’s patterns which resulted in a discount.  The yarn cost £22.50 for 9 x 50g skeins (incl. postage)
Total cost to me was £27.65, excluding labour.  Wow what a cost difference there is from a wool cardigan.


Started – May 2 2019

Completed – June 5 2019


Pattern summary

I think a good test to whether you like a pattern is when you start thinking about the next time you’ll make it whilst still making the first version.  I think it would be nice in a wool/silk blend yarn, or possibly an alpaca blend, something with nice drape.  I am hoping as the linen/cotton blend yarn softens in washing and wearing it will improve the feel.  I enjoyed the pattern and it had some new to me stitches ‘lifted increases’.  
Having bought 4 patterns by Heidi I am really pleased I liked how the pattern has been written, I like the design and it was a fairly quick knit.  In a more finger friendly yarn I could have finished it much quicker.  
  • The sleeves I lengthened to wrist length so used over 1 x 50g ball per sleeve.   
  • I knit the body with 5mm needles and the sleeves in 5.5mm needles, as my tension in the round is different.  

The arms are a little snug on my upper arm, I should have learned from my Elda cardigan that I need to pick up more stitches on my arms, as they are obviously larger than expected for my chest size!  Something to remember when I make this again and any future patterns.  (So it’s a bit spooky, but I wrote this last week and have been waiting for my cardigan to dry to take some photos and publish it.  Whilst waiting, on Saturday I noticed on Heidi’s Instagram she’s given some advice about how to increase the size of sleeves, as this is common feedback that her sleeves are a bit snug.  So that’s made me feel a lot less of a fatty!  Loads of people have commented they’ve done her designs and the arms are snug.  I appreciate people come in all different sizes so designing must be a challenge, but knowing I’m not alone is why I love these communities on Ravelry and Instagram.)

I am very excited to start my next design from Heidi, ‘Such A Winter’s Day’, more on that in a future post.  She’s not a designer I see on YouTubers podcasts, but I really like the look of all her patterns, more so than the fashionable designers.

Yarn summary

This is my first time using any Drops yarn and my first time knitting with both cotton and linen.  I ordered the colour thinking it would be nice to have a blueish coloured lightweight cardigan to wear with jeans or linen trousers…this yarn has absolutely no hint of blue in it at all, despite being called Blue Grey!!  I have held this yarn in the sun, on a cloudy day and in electric light…it is steel grey to me.
Initially, I was struggling with the rough feel of the yarn, my skin was blistering on my right forefinger.  To be able to finish this project I learned Portuguese knitting for doing the purl stitches.  Rather than wrapping the yarn around my neck (which probably would decapitate me) I tied some lovely soft (neck friendly) alpaca yarn and ribbon together and then clipped a stitch holder to it and used that to hold the yarn in place.  This really helped and stopped my fingers getting blistered again.  
Quite a few people have made Quick Sand with this yarn, and they seem very happy with their final pieces.  I am happy, but will be happier once it softens up more.  I finished and blocked it on Wednesday but it took a few days to dry.

Photo Gallery

Quick Sand cardigan
 I could have brushed my hair…ah well.




  1. It’s beautiful, Liz! It would be a staple piece if I had it in my closet. Wait a minute… I have a gray sweater in my closet – that is a staple, worn for many occasions. Sadly, mine isn’t handmade. How gratifying it must be to have beautiful garments you’ve knitted. 🙂

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