YOP10 Week 35/52 – Starting Fine Sand

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I have cast on Fine Sand by Heidi Kirrmaier, using Rowan Alpaca Merino DK yarn which comes in 25g balls. I have 10 balls…this is going to be interesting if I manage to get a cardigan out of 250g! The maths say I’m 50 metres short…time will tell whether this is achievable or this will end up as a shrug! It has a weird yarn construction, like the Rowan Lima yarn I used for Void.

Fine Sand is basically a DK version of Quick Sand which I made in a previous year with a linen yarn. It’s such an enjoyable pattern to knit with lifted increases which makes it more interesting than a raglan.


I have bought some patterns to make some small bags and things to practice my sewing skills so that they are improved by the time I’m ready to sew any weaving I don’t completely mess it up.

Do the sewists who are reading this trace their patterns or just cut up the original pattern?


Earlier in the week I did a lot of spinning, too much as my arm was very sore. Anyway I finished a first skein of 2 ply Yak and Silk which I spun from the fold, something new to me.

On the photo below I’ve also shown the finished silk cap that I started 2 weeks ago. This is just one cap (a cap being a silk cocoon de-gummed and spread out over a porcelain dome). You can also see the rest of the Yak and Silk left to spin. So pretty!


I warped my loom with some of the Harris tweed yarn but have only done a few rows so I will wait until I have more to show. This is just going to be for practicing and testing patterns and yarn weight so the warp isn’t very long.

Other News

The decluttering week was supposed to be ‘other bedrooms’ but as my spare bedroom is the dumping ground for things to go to charity once the shops can re-open I decided to have a week off.

On Friday nights we are playing a game each week and deciding whether to donate it, we played the 1976 version of Game of Life. The box is disintegrating, I won so said we could keep it haha.

On Saturday I replaced one of my six raised borders with the new double height pallet collars, it is pretty back breaking so will take a few weeks to get them all replaced I think.

This is a Year of Projects post. Officially the Group is in its 10th year, but this is my 3rd year participating. If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


  1. You have been very busy! The spinning looks lovely. As far as patterns go, when I used to sew clothes, I always used the actual pattern. I don’t know what people do now. I think it depends on how much you like it, how often you would re-use it, and if they need altering. My grandmother used to make patterns from brown paper for my clothes when I was small. She would measure me and mark them out. I really like your raised bed. I only have a large patio so not an option for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Your pictures of your silk yarn always leaves me drooling! Loving the grey of your new jumper. The raised height on your garden boxes looks really nice. I suspect you will really enjoy your new planters, assuming your back survives.

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  3. wow, that skein is amazing!
    Glad to hear you are putting your loom to work!
    I really like the colour of your next cardigan, it looks like a really easy to wear.
    On the sewing – I am not really one to give advice, but for what it is worth, I do trace it – so far I’ve always needed to adjust here and there, so then I keep the tissue paper I have adapted, as well as the original pattern in case I decide to make a different size. Also, I do fall between sizes sometimes, and I feel more comfortable tracing the lines from one size to the other on tracing paper, I wouldn’t be confident enough to cut this kind of adaptation straight from the original pattern.

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  4. Busy, busy! The silk yarn looks so beautiful, oh my! As for patterns, Iโ€™ve been a cutter, but not until Iโ€™ve made the alterations. If I plan to use the pattern for the girls, I would trace, but they are just hard for me to store, so I limit which ones.

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  5. That Rowan yarn is quite different. I have never used a chained yarn before. It looks like it would make for a very soft/squishy fabric. Perfect for a cardi. As for patterns…..I have never traced mine. I always have cut from the tissue. Tracing makes quite a bit of sense. That way, when you need to make adjustments for any reason, later on, you still have the original to work with. Loving your spinning. The colors are so gorgeous. What will you be making with this scrumptious yarn? I like the way you decide whether to donate or keep a game. Winner gets to choose. LOL. I need to get back to my decluttering this week. Bedroom #3 is partially done already so it should not be too hard to complete. Have a great week.

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  6. You covered the gambit this week! I love your really raised bed! Nice work! Your spinning is lovely as are the silk yarns. Fine sand looks lovely so far but I couldn’t start a project if I knew I would run out of the yarn…..you’re a risk taker! LOL! Good luck!

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  7. I usually cut out patterns from the tissue because I’m too impatient to cut from a trace. The only caveat is PJ pants for my kids, I know I’m going to make 3-8 pairs of that size (between the 2 of them) and I want it to hold up to multiple years of use.
    Other than PJs, I’ve never sewn the same pattern twice.

    (love the spun finishes and the cardigan, btw)

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  8. Oooh, Fine Sand is a lovely sweater, Liz. The kind of sweater I enjoy wearing. I look forward to seeing how your garden grows. What a beautiful raised bed you’ve made. Five more to go?!? Take care of your back, friend.

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  9. Your spinning is lovely and the start of fine sand looks good, I’m sure you will be fine, most patterns have a bit of spare worked in! As for sewing, I mostly trace so I can alter it but still have the original.

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