YOP10 Week 34/52 – Socks and spinning


Procrastination…about doing a gauge swatch and about starting some thrummed mittens…has been high this week.

I did manage to knit on my Hermione’s Everyday Socks which I have switched up a bit by moving the purl bumps. The colour is Cookston Crafts’ Thistly Brae and I love it. Hardly worth doing a pattern as the yarn is so variegated but it keeps the knitting more interesting.


Tuesday evening, after a lot of pancakes, I had a zoom call with our spinning group and did the most spinning I’ve done since last year. Rather than struggle with the Yak and Silk like last month I thought I’d pick up the BFL and Seacell tops which is much easier. I’m hoping to spin enough for a pair of socks…even if they end up being stay at home socks.

On Wednesday I found the yarn barf of singles spun during Oct 2019 during BritSpin. (I think I spun it on my Russian supported spindle.) I found one end, and spun it onto the wheel and then re-wrapped it on my handy andy and then on Friday I made a 2 ply of it. I now have 71 metres/9g of some Whitefaced Woodland. So I’m glad I didn’t throw that yarn barf out!


More procrastination but decluttering has dominated the week.

Other News

The decluttering schedule this week was supposed to be bathrooms, but I did craft stuff, more books, cut glass crystal and games. My husband has quite a lot of childhood games still. So far none have been moved to the donate pile except a very old Monopoly set as we have a newer one that was mine.

We have a crazy amount of glass, remember how I moaned about how many pint glasses we had? Well we had 21 champagne flutes! I won’t list the others as it just winds me up. In fact that’s all I’ll say about decluttering this week, I’m sure you can all fill in the blanks.

Ever wondered what to do with all those tiny end clippings? Hobbycraft sells empty plastic baubles so I split the little trimmed ends into different single ply pieces and pushed them in. I think it looks quite pretty. (Its quite hard to photograph.)

This is a Year of Projects post. Officially the Group is in its 10th year, but this is my 3rd year participating. If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


  1. Ah, that variegated yarn on the socks is beautiful – and do I see a pattern here? It seems to me that with a bit of green your handspun would be a similar colourway as the socks!

    Great idea with the baubles – I am accumulating a zillion trums that I do not have the heart to throw away thinking something useful will come of them… come to think of it, this is why I so admire you for your herculean decluttering effort!

    have you just changed your layout? If this is from earlier, well it tells you how observant I am!

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  2. What a fantastic idea for how to use all those yarn clips!!!!! Now I wish I had saved them. Off to Hobby Lobby!! I’m going to share your idea with my knitting friends if you don’t mind!! Brilliant!!!!

    I love your socks too. Some how socks are better with a little texture in my opinion even if the pattern doesn’t show up a lot. Your yarns as always look so amazing.

    So can relate your glassware finding. Do we really need 8 9X13 glass baking dishes??!! But can’t get hubby to let any of them go. Now I refuse to put them away saying it’s too heavy to move the whole d#$@ pile to put one back. Our days of huge family gatherings or work parties are behind us but hubby isn’t ready to let go of the 24 place settings!!!

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    • Oh goodness we have only had 3 people over for dinner ever so we have never even needed 6 of anything. Share away the clippings idea. They do look pretty. I bought the baubles to put some of my felted fairies in originally, but I’m yet to try that.


  3. I love the yarn clipping idea – perhaps once I can go back into the stores I’ll see if Michaels sells the glass balls. I forgot about pancake Tuesday – I ate six pancakes at lunch!! with lotsa maple syrup. Your whitefaced woodland looks great. What did you do different with your Hermione socks?

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  4. The colors in those socks say Scotland to me! They are gorgeous. I hear you on the de-clutter….I still have my parent’s stuff and it’s really expensive dishes and silver and so much more but I need to figure out how to get rid of it whilst not giving it away. Your spinning is pretty…the gray is gorgeous. What a cute little ornament but not sure I would have the patience to unwind all tohse plys! LOL! Good for you!

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  5. I decluttered downstairs in the office and found some roving that I bought years ago at a wool market that I’m really motivated to spin since I saw what you did. I can’t wait to see the finished yarn you are making.

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  6. Great idea on the bauble. I just usually save stuff like that to add to my wet felting projects. The socks and the spinning look really good too. You have been very productive. I wish I could get the hubs to get rid of the pint glasses though.

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  7. Your spinning looks great. The BFL and seacell is a great colorway. It will make pretty socks. Your HES are coming along. I like what you did with the purl bumps. Makes a much more interesting “twist” to the sock. Sounds like your decluttering has hit a brick wall….a male brick wall lol. Hang in there. It may take a few years but eventually it will work out.


  8. Do you have 21 matching flutes? Or are they all random?

    I have 13 or 14 matching wine glasses that my brother gave us- and we don’t drink (on purpose). I can’t even put them in the dishwasher, so I NEVER use them!! They are just taking up all the space in the top of the cupboard.

    I love the bauble full of ends! I think something like that will make a great addition to my future craft/laundry room (right now it’s just a sad laundry room)!! Thank you for the inspiration!


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