ADVENTuresome Wrap FO

I finished this a few weeks ago and mentioned it at the time, but this is my detailed Finished Object Review.



ADVENTuresome Wrap by Ambah O’Brien


Cookston Crafts 2019 Advent 4 ply/fingering weight merino/nylon (75/25). Plus a skein of Bluefaced Leicester/nylon (80/20) high twist 4 ply that I hand dyed grey. I only used 62% of the BFL.


Pattern: $4.50 which was £3.52. (Normal price of the pattern was $6 but there was a discount for the Knit along).

Yarn: The yarn advent was a gift from my husband for Christmas 2019, and could easily be made using sock yarn scraps instead. The undyed skein of BFL was £11.29.

Total (excluding labour): £14.81


Started – 1st December 2020

Finished – 22nd January 2021

Link to Ravelry Page

Pattern summary

This had new to me stitches which made it interesting and slow going initially, but after about 8 sections I had it memorised and a nice rhythm going. I would say even when I started going faster that as an advent project this is still quite a lot of knitting per day to try to keep up with on a daily basis. I’m behind writing this FO Review and have since knit the Litmus cowl with my 2020 yarn advent and if you are looking for an easy advent project then I would recommend that and if you are looking for a more challenging one to knit and keep up with or you don’t mind how long it takes then this is a good choice.

This isn’t warm enough to wear yet so when the Spring comes it will start getting some wear.

Yarn Summary

I have already mentioned in many other posts that each colour was named after a children’s toy, many of which I had so it was a lovely project to work on. I swapped out one of the colours that was too orange for my taste and added some leftover yarn from the same dyer in Bree colour.

I am not 100% sure I have tiny tears and sylvanian family correctly labelled…may be the other way round

  1. Moomin
  2. Sylvanian Family…I think?!
  3. Barbie
  4. Care bears
  5. Tiny tears
  6. Cabbage patch dolls
  7. Furbies
  8. Buzz lightyear
  9. Ghostbusters slime
  10. Teletubbies. 29/12
  11. Monchichi monkey 29-30/12
  12. Tracy Island 31/12 & 1/1
  13. Ninja turtles 2/1
  14. Batmobile 3/1
  15. Star Wars 5/1
  16. Scalextrics 6/1
  17. Teddy Ruxpin 9/1
  18. Rubix cube 12/1
  19. Mr Frosty 14/1
  20. My little pony 15/1
  21. Magna doodle 17/1
  22. Frozen Elsa
  23. Gameboy
  24. Bree (a swap for Power Rangers which I gifted to Sarah as it was quite Halloween coloured). 22/21

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