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I’m actually writing this post 10 months after finishing it! I realised I’d forgotten to do an FO post for it. When I finished it I wasn’t loving it but now we have just had some really cold months I can definitely say I love it. It is incredibly warm, easy to wear and snug around my neck and can be pulled over my face. It has been my go to scarf when the temperature is <3°C, so it deserves an FO post…better late than never.



Void by Melanie Berg


Rowan Lima yarn (84% alpaca, 8% merino and 8% nylon) in the colour Guatemala. 110m/50g Worsted weight. Chained yarn.


Pattern: €6.60 incl VAT which was £6.18 at the time.

Yarn: I paid £3 for 6 x 50g balls and this used 5.5 balls! The yarn was bought at a de-stash sale and what a bargain!

Total (excluding labour): £9.18.


Started – 19th December 2018

Finished – 3rd April 2020

Link to Ravelry Page

Pattern summary

I learned some new stitches and I would say this isn’t a pattern for beginners, but ones with a little more experience.

This was a real love/hate project. The chained fluffy yarn was not ideal for the tricky stitches required in the pattern. Perhaps in another yarn it would have been more enjoyable an experience to knit. The rows were so enormous and I kept losing the will. Just when I was thinking of finishing it early and jumping to the garter stitch section I counted my stitches and found I had actually knitted more repeats than was needed!!! So I had 425 stitches on the row when I stated the garter section.

I forgot to change needle size for the cast off but it has been fine and not tight.

The pattern gives the option of doing a yarn over which you then drop stitch on each row and I would say this shouldn’t be optional, it is absolutely needed otherwise it is too tight and pulls in.

I didn’t get the full width or depth that the pattern schematic showed which is weird since I knit more repeats, but perhaps I didn’t do a gauge swatch.

Yarn Summary

This yarn is discontinued. It has a chained construction so not the easiest to knit with but very incredibly warm and soft. I’m saying it isn’t easy to knit with but I’m about to start a cardigan with almost identical yarn but DK weight! It’s incredibly warm and soft though.

Photo Gallery

On my blog I have added to the menu “FO Review” as a way of easily finding similar reviews I have done on finished objects.


  1. […] I have cast on Fine Sand by Heidi Kirrmaier, using Rowan Alpaca Merino DK yarn which comes in 25g balls. I have 10 balls…this is going to be interesting if I manage to get a cardigan out of 250g! The maths say I’m 50 metres short…time will tell whether this is achievable or this will end up as a shrug! It has a weird yarn construction, like the Rowan Lima yarn I used for Void. […]


  2. The color is so nice and rich, And anything warm at this point would be good. Here it is almost mid March and we’re still at 12°F – On Cape Cod! I’m using all my sweaters and scarves and cowls. Good for you!


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