Dishcloths – who knew they could be addictive?!

So I have seen lots of fellow bloggers produce many dishcloths and thought I’d get round to it at some point.  I had added making a selection to my YOP list for this year.  Yesterday afternoon, whilst I was letting some sheep fleece soak in soapy water I thought I’d make ONE.


By midnight I’d made 5!  What just happened?  It’s like I fell down a dishcloth worm hole and have just emerged!

So here they are.  The patterns are all free on Ravelry; Grandmother’s Favourite Dishcloth, Almost Lost Washcloth, Mini Almost Lost Washcloth and 2  x Waffle Dishcloths.

Luckily I am almost out of this cotton. They are in a Christmas yarn colour but suspect we will use them all year.  


In other news, I totally messed up my maths on Such a Winter’s Day jumper and it needs to be frogged and I need to try other gauge swatches to see if I can work out the right size to make.



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