Quirky Q&A

Karen from the Nothingbutknit blog has done another Q&A post, so this post holds my answers to whether or not I am quirky!


  1. Do you have any crafting rituals that you regularly follow? Do you have regular life rituals you follow? If you’d like to share the details feel free.
  2. Do you consider yourself quirky? Does your quirkiness bleed into your crafting? Again, feel free to share details if you wish.
  3. Do your rituals and/or quirks play into the crafts you do? Do you avoid certain crafts because of your quirks and/or rituals? Again include details if you wish.

I see lots of people have put about not doing kitchener stitch on sock toes after dark.  I’m going to adopt this quirk myself, as it may reduce the frustration and mistakes.  As for the quirks I already have:-

Project Bags
  • Sock projects must live in my project bag with sock patterned fabric.
  • Jumper/sweater projects must live in my bag with Winnie the Pooh holding a balloon all over…because he wears a jumper…and I have a WtP pin on it that I purposefully placed so he looks like he is holding a balloon!
  • Scarf or shawl projects live in my pink lined bag that has a Piglet pin on it…because Piglet wears a scarf!
  • My other project bag has all the WtP characters on and an Eeyore pin…that can hold any project.
  • I do the cuff on sock 1 with my Sockwonder needle and move it to my magic loop needles, then do the cuff of sock 2 again on the Sockwonder needle and move it to the magic loop needle and then knit the socks 2 at a time.
  • I like to finish heel flaps in one sitting.
I initial thought I wasn’t quirky but then who was I trying to kid!  I think lots of my friends would say I have weird quirks.  Perhaps more so outside of crafting, although being so obsessed with crafts is perhaps a quirk in itself.
Some none crafting related quirks I have are:-
  • I like bag clips to match the item they are clipping…yellow clip for frozen sweetcorn, green clip on frozen peas.
  • I like to match peg colours when hanging out washing, so same coloured pegs on the same item and if the peg matches the colour of the item even better.
  • I like carrots cut in baton shape but not when cut in discs.  There is a definite flavour change…try it.
  • I prefer mushrooms cut in quarters, so they don’t go slimy like they do when sliced.
Oh my, now I’ve started thinking about them this could be a war & peace length post.  I’m sure you’ve got the hint…yep I have some quirks.


  1. Thanks for joining in:)
    I completely agree about the carrots. They do taste differently depending on how they’re cut. I prefer to leave mine as long as possible. I think they then taste the best:)


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