YOP9 – Week 14/52


Hi folks!  Another week has whizzed by.


Amy Florence from the Stranded Podcast is doing a Festive sock KAL, so I have ordered some primary colour acid dyes to dye up some Christmas themed sock yarn. I quite like the idea of playing around trying to attempt some self striping yarn maybe!!!


I started making 2 lampshades; a landscape with some mini sheep and a seascape with a hint of beach with some seaweed.  I’ll construct them this week and post photos next week.
I also had a bit of a play around with one of my wreaths.  I asked, on Facebook and Instagram, whether people thought it should be a photo frame, have a felted picture in it or leave as a wreath.  I received some replies to frame a mirror with it!  I need to work out where to source or how to cut a circular mirror to see if that is an option.
Other suggestions are welcome.


Last Sunday I did a new swatch for the Such a Winter’s Day jumper by Heidi Kirrmaier with 3.75mm, after the disastrous first attempt at knitting it with 4mm needles (pattern calls for 4.5mm).  This is using New Lanark Aran weight yarn in Iris colour.  I seem to be pretty much to gauge now on both stitch and row. Here’s a photo of where I’d got to by yesterday afternoon. A little tight on the needles, until I take the arm stitches off.
Top Tip: I have a method for knowing which are increase rows now.  I am using plain stitch markers where the raglan lines are and when it is a row that has increases on, I attach a wee seashell progress keeper to the markers.  This has helped keep me on track, as it is a 3 row pattern and increases every other row.  The fabric is pretty dense but hopefully not too rigid to be comfortable.


I have discovered there’s a shop in Inverness that services sewing machines, so I am going to book mine in.  My reverse button sticks for hours once pressed, so when I made my project bag there was a lot of sewing backwards lol!


BritSpin starts on Wednesday, I need to pay my donation to the charity they’ve chosen for this year.  I am in the same team as last year, “More enthusiasm than skill”.  I should be receiving some fibre from our team’s sponsors.  So next week should have a fair bit of spinning to show those who are interested.


I have warped my loom with some cotton/wool yarn that I bought at a destash last weekend.  I am just doing a check pattern, but my jumper then distracted me.

Other News

I have done too much thinking this week and too much beating myself up for silly things.  Perhaps it is the dark mornings and evenings affecting my mood.  I do like that it is now cold enough to wear all my knitted items.
Autumn colours are arriving.  Check out a very small glimpse of my very large wild strawberry issue in the bottom right square.  I started with 4 plants a few years ago…be warned they spread under patio slabs and need almost no organic matter to thrive!  I should have tried to tackle them this week when we had some sunny days, but instead I did the crafts above!  Hey ho!!!
This is a Year of Projects update.  If you would like to find out more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry, or you’d like to join in, please follow the link for details.  To read what the other members of the YOP Group have been getting up to please click on the latest weekly folder and follow the links to their blog posts.  This is a friendly group with a wide mix of skills and crafting interests.


  1. Do your wild strawberries produce edible fruit? That is a lot of strawberry plants! Your jumper is such a pretty color. You sure did figure out how to make increasing failsafe! My cardi has raglan but since mine is not in the round, it is pretty easy to remember to increase when knitting the right side row.

    I like the round felted item. I think mirror behind it would be fantastic! Doesn’t your hobby store carry round mirrors? Or could you order one from someplace like Amazon?

    I envy you being able to wear your winter knits. We are still in shorts and tank tops here!

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    • Yes, they produce very strong flavoured strawberries that have an almost perfume like taste. They freeze well and are great for smoothies. But this is only showing maybe an 8th of them in that picture. There’s easily enough to cover a tennis court!


  2. We have a bit of a wild strawberry problem too! I just go for keeping them down to a thin layer, I’ve never been able to get rid! I’m really looking forward to your yarn dying, I’ve just spent three weeks trying to get Amy’s gingerbread haus yarn! I succeeded this week.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have noticed her Gingerbread yarn has been really successful. I’m not so struck on anything with orange in, so I have managed to resist. I don’t mind some ground cover on the gravel, but the strawberries have taken over some raised borders, the blueberry bush border and now sprouting out the front garden too as it has gone under the slabs! They taste great and freeze well, but it really is out of hand now lol


  3. Strawberries will help your wintery mood I imagine. They would mine – like a taste of summer. Your wreath is gorgeous – what a great idea. I love the weaving. Take care of yourself – I hope your mood lifts this week – I hear you about beating oneself up about silly things. Breathe. Acknowledge. Move on.. (easier said than done, but I hope you understand the sentiment from one who is often there too).

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  4. As usual, I love all the variety in what you get up to each week! My vote is a mirror for the felted wreath too. Wow on the wild strawberries. Imagine that — a yummy invasive! Here’s to a week ahead of thinking less and not beating yourself up at all. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. That wreath is gorgeous! So clever, making a felted landscape! That will look amazing around a mirror! Your weaving is looking great too – love that check pattern 🙂 You are making wonderful progress with all your crafts. As the days get darker it does sometimes affect people’s moods – it’s good to recognize it and counter it in the way that works best for you!

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  6. Oh boy! I’m looking forward to seeing more felted lamp shades. They sound really fun. And Such a Winter’s Day is a CUTE sweater. Love the colors of the cotton yarn you’re weaving. It looks very evenly done. Your autumn pictures are pretty. The weather here is finally turning cooler (70’s instead of the 90’s last week), but still no real change in the leaves. It’s hard to believe it’s autumn, but I have faith it’s a comin’!

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  7. I think the mirror is a great idea as a photo might detract from the frame and that is the “star of the show”! So lovely! I can see why you love the fabric that is being created with that jumper. the yarn is really shown off to advantage too….LOVE! I hope it all works out and fits the way you want it too. It will be gorgeous. Your weaving is always so pretty. I love how you keep to 2 colors and not a bunch. I think it is more striking that way. Looks like those lovely French linens. It is coller here too and I am so grateful!

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