My Favorite Things I’ve Made

Karen, from the Nothing But Knit blog, suggested creating a post each with our favourite item(s) we’ve made. I thought this was a lovely idea, so wanted to join in.

Over the years I have had A LOT of crafting hobbies so there’s a real mix of favourites. Not every hobby I’ve done is covered here, as some don’t have a favourite …I’m looking particularly at you acrylic and oil painting, but some others don’t make the list either yet (crochet, weaving, pottery etc).

Here’s my Top 12 in alphabetical order.  


1. Basket Weaving

Okay, not a good start but, this is a bit of a cheat, as Annie (my host mother in Michigan) did finish off the handle for me as I ran out of time on my visit, but a good enough % was done by me and so I’m going to include it.  This was made in the early 1990s and has been in use since and this is the photograph I took today, so it is doing pretty well for something I made, I think, 27 years ago!  Definitely deserves a place on my list, as it’s practical and pretty and I love it.  Everything else on my list is done by me.

2. Cross Stitch

I started this in the 1980s and finished it maybe 25 years later!!!!   Cross stitch is not something I’ve done a huge amount of, but I love this.

3. Glass

Before I tried wood carving, I seriously thought I should have become a glass blower/maker as a career.  I’ve made baubles, paperweights, a bowl, a drinking glass (I use every morning for my breakfast orange juice), jewellery (kiln formed), but here’s my favourite item.  It’s a very simple design paperweight, but I really love its simplicity.  An earlier post has a selection of other hot glass items I’ve made.  (My sea glass creations aren’t making the top list, but I’ve attached a link if you are interested.)
Blue drops paperweight 

4. Knitting

These photos were taken before I washed it and I love it even more now.  I will definitely make another with the same yarn, a detailed post is here.

5. Needle Felting 2D

For 2D items, these mouse Christmas pictures are my favourite needle felted items.  For sentimental reasons, as they were copies of some decorations my mum had made that had just become very worn out over the years.

6. Needle Felting 3D

I wanted to include this as a 3D item, not a fairy, but it was the first thing I made doing needle felting (in 2016) so he’s my favourite too…he’s Mike from Monsters Inc.

7. Pastel Drawing

I’ve done quite a lot of pastel drawings and a selection are on an earlier post (also includes some watercolours). But my favourite pastel is my Highland Cow (or ‘Heilan Coo’ in Scots).  I forgot to sign and date it before it went in the frame, but I think it was maybe 2012-2014 I did it. I’m not sure why I don’t do more drawing…well except because since I learnt to knit, spin and weave lol!  

8. Silk Painting

This is hard to photograph as it is so long and hangs on my wardrobe mirror, opposite a window.  I made it 9 years ago and I still haven’t sewn some dowel on to properly hang it!  But it is in my favourite item list for sure.  It’s supposed to represent the 4 seasons!  The pale green Spring leaves, the farmland hills with Rapeseed flowers of Summer, the Autumn leaves falling onto the snow covered ground!  
I got the inspiration from two silk painting I’d done when I was much younger on a residential course with my mum.  One was of just autumn leaves and the other a farmland scene.  They are both now cushions.  

9. Spinning

Well this has to be my baby camel and silk that is such a pleasure to spin and is what I knit my Easy Goes It Shawl from and I LOVE that shawl too. I don’t have a good photo of the finished shawl, but this best shows the colour changes.

10. Watercolour painting

I had to ask my Dad to take a photo of this, as it was something I gave to them years ago.  

11. Wet Felting

This would be one of my lampshades, and personally I love the seascapes.  


12. Wood

Well I suppose it’s the only wood item I made, except from random things in High School, but it’s definitely on my list of all time favourite things I’ve made.  My yarn bowl, made from birch wood.  Original post link about it.  This could be my all time favourite item…hmmm it’s like choosing your favourite pet (I don’t have kids).  I definitely would like more goes at wood turning and once lockdown is over I’m booking myself on another day course.  The tutor did guide my hand a couple of times, so it would be good to have one 100% mine, this is 99.9% mine 👩🏻‍🎓

And now for the Worst Thing

I’m human and I have mistakes and disasters like everyone, so in case you are wondering what’s the worst thing I’ve ever made…well here it is. It is a teapot that is soooooo heavy and huge, even empty!  Full it weighs 3kg/6.6lb!  The spout is pretty useless, the lid is totally ridiculous and probably weighs as much as a normal teapot does.  However I’ve kept it as it is glazed in the style of a tea set made by my friend Louise, who is a professional.  So it hides at the back of a display cabinet and is never used.


  1. You are amazing! Everything is spectacular! My favorites of your favorites are the basket (hey, I’ve done that! Also in the early 90’s.) and your cross stitch. I’m a huge Winnie The Pooh fan:)
    Thanks for joining in:)


    • Thanks Karen, I’ll pop the link on your post and look forward to seeing everyones lists, it’s a lovely idea and reminded me of just how eclectic my hobbies are. 😀. I have quite a collection of Winnie the Pooh stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mike from Monsters Inc! Love him. My favorite of yours is the paper weight. So unique. The talent you have is awesome. I am very impressed by all the different mediums you have worked with. The teapot would be grand with some bright flowers in it. You wouldn’t need to worry about it tipping over easily.

    Liked by 1 person

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