YOP9 – Week 42/52




This week I’ve just worked on some dishcloths and a pair of socks.  My plan was to make a set of dishcloths that were the same size and pattern but poor note taking and me starting a couple without concentrating meant that I forgot to do the border on the boxes pattern and they are different sizes.  With the left over yarn I thought I’d make another Grandmothers favourite pattern and miscalculated yarn usage so its ended up with a weird corner in a different colourway.  Oops!  Ah well!  They kept me busy.  
My Hermione Everyday Socks are progressing well, with the first sock finished and me working on the 2nd.  This is the 5th or 6th time I’ve knit this pattern.  I haven’t quite managed to start the 2nd of the pair at the correct point in the patterned yarn, so they won’t be an exact pair, but I’m not too fussed.  The Regia yarn isn’t quite as friendly on my hands as the Indie dyed sock yarn I’ve used for some of my other pairs.  
I had been thinking of buying the Sweet & Tartan socks pattern, which Tracie from The Grocery Girls podcasts designed, and at the moment she’s been offering it free when you purchase another pattern from her.  So I have bought her pattern for her Hastings Mitts and got the socks free.  I thought the mitts would be a good small project for some of my handspun yarn that sits unused.  That’s the idea anyway.  


I’ve lost track a little about what I did this week and I’m not sure if I did any spinning…my guess is I didn’t.  These weeks really are merging together.

Other News

I feel like this week flew by.  I didn’t do any baking because my weight gain is out of hand and I need to take back some control.  I tried on all my trousers this week and the pile that can’t be zipped up is huge.  I managed to walk 12,000 steps on Friday and did a good amount of weeding and lawn mowing and edge trimming on Saturday.  I’ve also planted up lots more vegetable seeds in the greenhouse and some in my propagator in the sunroom.  We’ve had some lovely sunny days this week and some of them I wasted by not getting dressed all day!  I’m going to try harder to keep active and try to balance gardening time with crafting time, so that I’m moving more.  
Ylva is still not 100% recovered but is doing better.  Our insurer, Animal Friends, have been offering a free service to have video consultations with a veterinary nurse, so that was great and we had a follow up session the next day.  She had me check a few things and gave me advice about slowly switching Ylva from the chicken, rice and sweet potato to her normal dog food.  She is 12 on the 21st.  
I’m late posting today, it has been lovely and sunny this weekend, ideal for gardening and a nice walk to our local farm shop.  She always looks away when you try to get her photo!
This is a Year of Projects update.  If you would like to find out more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry, or you’d like to join in, please follow the link for details.  To read what the other members of the YOP Group have been getting up to please click on the latest weekly folder and follow the links to their blog posts.  This is a friendly group with a wide mix of skills and crafting interests.





  1. I’ve put all my weight back on that I lost last year. I worked so hard to lose it, but honestly I was tired of starving myself. Good for you for being more active! I will check out those patterns!

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  2. The sweet & tartan pattern is pretty. What colors will you use for yours? I think we all have eaten more calories than we have burnt these past 4-6 weeks. I know I have. Hopefully Ylva gets back to her normal self soon. Stay well

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  3. I chuckled at your comment about whether or not your spun. We have trouble remembering what day it is and what we had for dinner last night. It is all becoming. Have you seen any of Pluto the Dog videos.. She is a dog that gives advice during the covid-19 lockdowns. She talks about button pants and how we need to try them on from time to time and not just live in our sweats. Or learn to move the button!! Sounds like you are getting lots of steps now. Being home I am lucky to get my steps much past 7000 these days, but I do try to get in 30 minutes of aerobic activity via good old you tube!

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  4. Nice Hermione’s. I made a pair awhile ago, but they were too big. I still wear them and now I know how to adjust for my size. Although I’m a big girl, I have skinny feet and calves. And yes I need to move too

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  5. The dishcloths will work perfectly fine even if they don’t all match as you intended. And I’m with you on the weeks all merging together. The Hermione socks are coming along lovely. Funny, my daughter just looked at your sock picture and said, “She’s using your stitch markers”. LOL! Other way around.

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