YOP9 – Week 51/52



Groundhog Day?? Feels like I’m in the movie, as Yep! I am still knitting Tailfeather!

Have I mentioned I’m never going to knit another garment with 4 ply/fingering weight yarn?? Oh boy it is so slow and I feel like I have been knitting 6+ hours a day Mon-Fri in the hope I’d finish it this week.

I’m still worried I’ll be playing yarn chicken. So I have split the remaining yarn into 4 balls, and am knitting the front and back panels together…so if I run out of yarn it will be the same point on all sections. I am basically at the stage of squaring off the triangular front and back. I also am supposed to do some short sleeves too! Wish me luck getting a straight edge at the bottom, if I get sleeves it will need a miracle! I need some yarn to sew the sides too! 😬


Well Tour de Fleece starts on Saturday, so I will give my wheel an oil and get ready for that. I’m offering to host our Guild’s team this year, and need to send out an email later today about that, as our secretary is having email issues. I’ll also be re-joining the Corner of Knit and Tea’s team for the 3rd year in a row. You can join multiple teams 😁.

The real Tour de France is obviously cancelled due to Covid-19. But as Tour de Fleece is all virtual through Ravelry it is going ahead. If you haven’t heard of it, or fancy having a go then search Tour de Fleece on Ravelry Groups and you’ll find it. You’ll also find a team specifically for Rookies that you can join. Or perhaps a YouTuber that you follow is having a team this year, or a fibre supplier. It runs until Sunday 21st July so it’s a great opportunity to get lots of spinning done.

Other News

I have started a Garden Diary on my blog, these are clearly labelled so if that’s not your interest you can be assured there’s not going to be any crafting on those posts…purely garden related. If you are interested you will find 2 posts this week, the history of my vegetable gardening and a closer look at my greenhouse and beds.

On Saturday Allistar, Ylva and I went out in the car together for the first time since Saturday 21st March! We just drove down into the town centre and then walked to the ferry point (there’s no ferry). We picked up some cakes at a bakery and went to another to get hot drinks! Doing our bit for the local economy, and sacrificing our waistlines for the greater good.

Lockdown stage 2 easing has started in Scotland, so my mother in law would now be allowed to stay over…I think!

Allistar is on holiday for the next week and a bit. So I’m not sure what we will do as we are still only supposed to keep within 5 miles unless you are visiting a relative.

Have a good week.

Check out that dodgy horizon line! Uphill water on the Cromarty Firth 😂


  1. Tailfeather will be stunning. Hopefully you find it worth the stress. I have one fingering weight sweater on the needles and I just bought yarn for a second one. If I’m being honest, I’ll probably never finish them.

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  2. I was certain Tailfeather was going to be done this week. Guess I was wrong LOL. I hope you have all the yarn needed to finish it to your satisfaction.

    I have been following your gardening posts. Since I have no space for a garden, I will live vicariously through you. Just thinking of all those lovely fresh veggies and fruits you will be gracing your table with, leaves me a bit envious.

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    • I am now at the point where my stubbornness has kicked in and I will use up all the yarn and see what I get, but that’s a hard no on enjoyment. I’m looking forward to tour de fleece starting and can’t see me knitting anything for a while once Tailfeather is finished…not unless it is with either something really chunky or some homespun yarn.

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  3. You’re almost at the finish line with Tailfeather! It is lovely. I’ll have to take a look at your garden diary and I need to put you on my blog list …I keep forgetting! Tour de Fleece sounds like fun if I only knew how to spin! LOL! So glad you got out for a bit!

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  4. Tailfeather is really lovely, but I know what you mean about garments in fingering weight yarn. It takes a really long time! Looking forward to seeing your Tour de Fleece spinning achievements!

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  5. Love the picture and the dodgy horizon line is beautiful. Your tailfeather will be worth it! I usually do sweaters in fingering so I hear you about how never ending they seem. I am joining Tour de Fleece this year too. Hey, I am home, so I might as well get going. I am on the wildcard Team Canada!

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  6. Tailfeather is really coming along. And is beautiful, though I feel your pain over knitting for so long with such fine yarn. I hope you have more than enough yarn!

    “Sacrificing our waistlines for the greater good” – lol. I’ve certainly done my part in that noble endeavor. 🙂

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  7. I have heard so many knitters say one of two things…I will never knit a garment in fingering again, or, I have no patience to knit a garment in fingering. I wonder what camp I fall into!
    Hi puppy!


    • Since posting on Instagram I’ve done one arm trim, have another to do and then see if I have enough yarn for the edge trim…oh and sew the side seems, so not yet finished but definitely getting there.


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