YOP9 – Week 50/52



When I write about Tailfeather, does anyone else start singing Shake Your Tail Feather from the Blues Brothers Movie? No? Just me? Well now I’ve mentioned it you may too! I’ve put the link in so if you don’t know the song you can have a listen, and if you do know it you can wack up the volume and have a dance.

Meanwhile in the knitting world, my Tailfeather is far from finished! Countdown is on. To be honest I have barely had any time or energy to knit this week. I’m still quite a few repeats on the back to do before they are the same length and it will be time to do some sums on yarn left.


I hand sewed all the rips in Ylva’s squeaky toy collection, whilst watching The Great British Sewing Bee. So they are ready to go in the washing machine. I am amazed at how clever the sewing people are…sewers? Sewists? Anyway whatever you call them, this series they’ve made some amazing outfits out of laundry bags, high visibility clothing, tents!

Lanky legs, Rudolph, Duck, Monkey and Ellie!

Other News

I spent Wednesday tidying up my round up of the year post. I’m not sure whether I am posting this on the 30th or on the last Sunday of June, but it is ready, albeit if Tailfeather is finished I’ll need to update that line and add a finished photo.

I have also drafted my list for my 3rd YOP Year and have created another Page which is going to be for capturing other projects that I’d like to do one day…they just aren’t going to be my priority during the next year. Have you see the movie Up? I’m the dog distracted by…SQUIRREL! Hopefully having this other static page on my blog will act as a car park for future projects and won’t distract me from what I’d like to get done first. Anyway, these two new pages are Live, but will be edited as and when.

I had ordered some bonsai pots, compost and food, which all arrived this week. I have now transferred my mini trees I’ve been growing into these new pots.

I also ordered some new pallet collars to replace my rotten raised borders I bought 11 years ago and re-organised 9 years ago. On Friday I painted all 12 inside and out with some wood protector. I will line them with plastic compost bags and need to order a huge bag of top soil and/or compost. But as I’ve got crops growing they will need to wait. (If you only tune in on Sunday’s I did do a post about my garden mid-Week.)

This is a Year of Projects update. If you would like to find out more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry, or you’d like to join in, please follow the link for details. To read what the other members of the YOP Group have been getting up to please click on the latest weekly folder and follow the links to their blog posts. This is a friendly group with a wide mix of skills and crafting interests.


  1. Hmmm……Can’t decide if I like Tailfeather or Ylva’s toys more LOL!!!! I too sew up dog toys as they become torn. Mine take out the squeakers and the will spew stuffing all over the house if I don’t grab the toys quickly. It doesn’t seem to effect them if the squeaker is gone. They just like the stuffies.

    I hope you are able to complete tailfeather before YOP is up. It would be nice to add that to your end of year post as a finish.

    I still have not started a list for next year. I am not sure why not. I know I am participating. Just a bit lazy I guess. It’s not like I don’t have plenty of stash and time on my hands LOL.

    Have a great week, Liz.

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    • must feel great to have the squeaky toys all mended. Well done. And well done on getting your two lists made. I have almost finished mine, and I cleaned up my queue as well. No I have to go sort out my basket of handspun – yikes.

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  2. Tailfeather is still looking fine! I’m sure you will get it done but if not that’s fine too.
    I love the bee – I won’t be sewing with laundry bags soon though!


  3. Ylva’s toys are so cute! Does she still play with them? My dogs stopped when they got older but I still have the toys. After they passed I needed to hold on to them.
    I have been gardening also and want to get some raised beds with hoops and covers so the deer leave them alone. I wish I had a fenced-in yard like yours and that greenhouse! Awesome! Why the plastic in the bottom? I like your plan of an original list for YOP and then another list for things that “come along”….I need that as I am easily pulled down various rabbit holes as you can probably tell by the lack of “FO’s”! 🙂
    I’m getting excited about this coming year.
    Tail Feather is almost done! A sweater is definitely going to be on my list for the coming year!

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    • If Ylva gets frustrated then she shakes and squeaks her toys, like if she wants to go for a walk and we are dithering about and not ready to leave. The plastic will be between the vertical wood sides and the compost to add some protection to the wood from the moisture and stop the wood treatment leeching into the soil. No plastic underneath the compost.😀


  4. Tailfeather looks interesting. I must go and have a look at your garden. This is the first year I’ve grown real food in my raised beds (as opposed to just some herbs), and it’s great fun. I’m always looking for inspiration what to grow next.

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  5. Blues Brothers? Absolutely! My husband prepared the garden this weekend (late due to illness), and we discussed using raised beds next year so we can start our veggies from seed.

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  6. They are called “Seamstresses” and don’t order Top Siol, it’s very fine and silty and will wash thru when you water or it rains hard. Better to use the compost mix sold at garden centers.

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    • I think that’s ladies only isn’t it. There are quite a few men on it too. They call them sewers on the show, but when you write that it looks like where the sewage goes! Thanks for the tip re top soil.

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